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This new 'Community Forums' working group is being developed by TNRF's partners to further enable rural communities to exchange information and bridge the gap between their local experiences in natural resource management and the development of appropriate national policy and law. TNRF is currently working with Ujamaa Community Resource Trust to:

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TNRF Meeting 30th August Advert

  • Many of the report’s findings are likely to have a great deal in common with forest management issues across Tanzania.
  • A presentation will made by TNRF on the Government’s reaction to the report as well as that of other stakeholders.
  • TNRF members have worked through the Tanzania Forest Working Group to develop a direct response to the report in order to help take action.
29 August 2007 - 6:00am

TNRF, WCS, CORDS, IIED-RECONCILE launch a six week study to better understand government policy-making for the rangelands

TNRF is working with the Wildlife Conservation Society of New York, the Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development and the International Institute for Environment and Development (UK) on a joint study to better understand government policy-making for the rangelands. This study will provide important information about how TNRF and its partners can better engage with government to support pastoralist livelihoods and address pressing rangeland management issues.

Rangelands and Livelihoods Task Force to receive a Programme Officer supported by DANIDA

TNRF is pleased to announce that we are recruiting for a rangelands and livelihoods officer. The application deadline has now passed, and applicants are currently being short-listed. Interviews will be held shortly. Funding for this position has been received through DANIDA.


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