How we work


Member driven: TNRF focuses on issues that are important to organizations and its members that are committed, passionate and wanting to take action. It brings together a diverse group of organizations and members with interest to work together and share information for the achievement of our vision.

TNRF uses information and evidence generated through the  action researches of members and other stakeholders to produce information and communication products that are accessible to members and other stakeholders to promote evidence-based policy dialogue. In addition, on demand from members, TNRF facilitates members’ engagement with Government and other stakeholders through organizing spaces for dialogue on sustainable policy and practices in natural resources governance. 

Flexible and able to respond to emerging issues in the NR sector and rangelands: TNRF brings needed Government attention to important, current and pressing issues that could otherwise be ignored; and It remains on the cutting edge and responsive to its membership e.g. mobilizing participation in natural resources policy formation and legal framework review processes.

 Considered a ‘neutral’ space: TNRF effectively communicates about important and controversial issues and brings together divergent opinions and gains attention and credibility with a diverse group.

Bring together diverse groups of people to collaborate, debate, research and share information: TNRF enables vibrant discussions, dialogues and debates on important Natural Resources issues and ensures important lesson learning opportunities for increasing the knowledge base for practice

An information sharing network: TNRF improves and increases the amount and flow of information on NR, range lands, and governance, issues in Tanzania. E.g. Weekly e-newsletters that compile news, information, opportunities and events in Tanzania and regionally; develop TV and radio programmes, TV spots, information briefs, policy briefs with clear massages communicated to target groups.  TV and radio programmes are used regularly and strategically by the National Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) Television (TV) and TBC radio, Independent TV (ITV), Stat Tv and others as advocacy tools during important national decision-making meetings