Member Resources


Member resources can be accessed by all users - but currently all downloadable resources can only be accessed by signing in first as a TNRF member. If you would prefer not to be a member but would still like to access a downloadable resource, please contact us using the contact form.

The following resources are available:

- Featured news - regularly up-dated compilation of news on natural resource management, environment and development issues - local, regional and international

- News feeds - automatically assembling news and information on natural resource management from the internet

- Library resources - which is divided into its downloadable online items and its non-downloadable offline items located at the TNRF offices

- Membership information - on TNRF's 2000+ members drawn from community-based organisations, non governmental organisations, the private sector and individual members

- Links - a range of links that relect the diversity of initiatives and organisations working in environment, development and conservation issues in Tanzania, and the different roles that they play. As a signed-in user, you can submit a link to the website.

- Newsletter - TNRF produces a biannual newsletter on natural resource developments in Tanzania.

If you encounter any problems trying to access any of these resources, please contact us using the contact form.