Research Assistants - Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL)


Duty of Station: Arusha

Reporting to: LBI Coordinator

Terms of Reference


Responsibilities:As a key member of the TNRF Secretariat, you will take a lead in implementing and adaptively improving TNRF's administrative systems and procedures in a fast expanding organisation, carrying out the following duties:
  • Office management and administration, including:
    • Ensuring that TNRF's Administration Policies and Financial Regulations are implemented and remain responsive to the needs of TNRF;

Communications and Media Programme Officer

Responsibilities:As a key member of the TNRF Secretariat, you will take a lead in developing and implementing an effective bilingual communications strategy and plan which will include: External communications
  • working with programme officers and their working groups to develop regular policy briefs
  • developing a regular newsletter
  • working with colleagues to develop other dedicated communications materials as the need arises
  • developing TNRF's public image and public relations materials as guided by the Steering Committee

Community Health Educator (CHE)


Location:  Loibor-Siret and Kimotorok Villages in Simanjiro District

Duration:  This is a grant-funded two-year position.  The contract is renewable after each year and the position may continue past the initial 24 months.

Supervisors:  This individual will be supervised by a representative of Loibor-Siret Sustainable Education Forum supported by MWEDO and Humanity for Children.  This individual will be independent of the two government dispensaries; however, cooperation and collaboration with the dispensaries staffs is expected.

General Description of Position:

The Community Health Educator (CHE) will coordinate health education activities that are included in the Rotary Global Grant -- Mother & Newborn Survival in Rural Areas of North Tanzania.  These activities will bring critical health information to individuals, families, and extended-family households throughout the Loibor-Siret and Kimotorok areas.  The CHE will help coordinate the following projects and initiatives:  1) promoting pregnant mothers to attend at least four pre-natal and four post-natal visits to the dispensary or at mobile health clinic events; 2) encouraging pregnant women to deliver their babies at the dispensary; 3) assisting with the training of traditional birth attendants who will promote safe birthing at the dispensary or, in an emergency, at home; 4) working with the traditional birth attendants to identify every pregnant woman and making sure she, and her family, receive education about safe-birthing practices; 5) assisting others with menstrual hygiene management education in the schools and in the field; 6) providing education for the first 1,000 days program to promote health during pregnancy and for the first two years of an infant’s life; 6) Coordinating the creation and distribution of safe-birthing kits; and 7) Collecting health education data to assist in program effectiveness and future program development.


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