TNRF holds a range of events for its members, partners and the general public. These are as follows:

Working Groups: A major part of TNRF's work is the facilitation of member-driven working groups. Working Groups arrange their own meeting schedules which are advertised here. If you are not a member of a working group, but would like to attend a meeting, please contact the relevant contact person for the working group prior to the meeting. The contact person's details are located on the corresponding working group web pages. In addition, from time to time, as per the programmes of different working groups, major consultative workshops are held. Your attendance is welcomed through prior arrangement with the working group contact person.

Occasional law and policy seminars: TNRF occasionally holds law and policy seminars. These meetings are free and open to everyone. The seminars may be customised for certain members' needs, but largely focus on natural resource laws and policies. They provide the opportunity to disseminate information on laws and policies relevant to natural resource management, such as the Wildlife Conservation Act, the Land Acts, and the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (MKUKUTA). The workshops provide a forum for discussing local implications of the policies, and identifying ways for civil society to engage in the development or implementation of those laws and policies. If you or your organisation would like to arrange a seminar on a specific set of laws and/or policies, please email

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Partner Events

Information about TNRF partners' and member organisations' events are provided as appropriate, and include meetings, presentations, workshops and conferences. If you would like to post an event, please email