Approach and Strategies


To achieve our organizational goals, TNRF's priority strategies include:

  1. Facilitating platforms: By strengthening dialogue and opportunities for knowledge and information sharing, building a knowledge base for enabling change advocacy and strengthening citizens voice through strong communications and media engagement
  2. CBNRM: Promoting Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) as the focus for strengthening citizens voice in the forestry, rangelands, wildlife and fisheries thematic areas across the country and at community level
  3. Climate change: Communicating climate change (impacts, strategies, policies and adaptation and mitigation) as a cross cutting area of engagement through TNRF's work
  4. Land and investment: Engaging multi-stakeholder dialogue on land and investment in Tanzania, (including emerging investments - coal, oil, gas, minerals) to address these potential areas for natural resource conflict and sustainable development across the country

Further, as a growing organization, TNRF continues to build up its internal capacity so it can effectively and adequately address natural resource governance issues in Tanzania.  Therefore, TNRF also pursues the following strategies to strengthen our internal systems and capacity:

  1. Building relationships: Establishing effective relationships with members, government, private sector and other stakeholders, including increased involvement with their programmes on natural resources governance and linkages to various strategic networks
  2. Organisational capacity: Building, developing and strengthening TNRF's organizational capacity through a systematic learning approach and organizational culture of learning
  3. Resource development: Securing adequate resources (financial, material, staff and others) for growth and sustainability to implement this strategy