Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is implementing Land Governance and Accountability Project with support from Welthaus Graz and DKA both based in Austria. In that regard, TNRF conducted land rights dialogue Meetings in Iringa and Chemba Districts from 31st 0ctober to 4th November, 2018. The Meetings brought together District Officials, Ward Executive Officers, Village Executive Officers, Village chairpersons, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Land Right Monitors (LRMs), Pastoralists and Farmers Loose coalition representatives and Village land Councils’ members in both districts. The dialogue among other things related to the following:

  • Compensations related to distractions of properties caused by wild animals; this was a complaint in both Chemba and Iringa. Participants said, it takes a long time for the victims to get compensation, which is also inadequate. Villagers recommended for amendment of wildlife laws and policies to meet demands of the victims in relations to the extents of the destruction.

Wildlife Working Group insists on community involvement, rights

THE Wildlife Working Group (WWG) has acknowledged the special commitment of the fifth phase government on wildlife conservation, requesting the government to effectively supervise the benefit sharing scheme so that the community around can directly benefit and recognize the benefits of the sector. 

The call was made yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the semi-annual WWG meeting for strategize the best way of addressing challenges facing wildlife conservation in Tanzania, so as to build the future of natural resources conservation in our country. WWG is under the coordination of the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF).

Speaking at the meeting, the TNRF Executive Director Zakaria Faustin urged the government to use WWG as a think tank to obtain usable ideas on wildlife issues in order to ensure good implementation of policies in the sector .Read More



12TH – 13TH NOVEMBER 2018

Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), HAKIARDHI and PAICODEO are implementing a four years “Ardhi Yetu Project II” (AYP II) funded by CARE Denmark through Care Tanzania. On part of TNRF, the project is implemented in four districts; Kiteto, Simanjiro, Chemba and Iringa rural. The project aims at facilitating effective climate vulnerability and capacity analysis for sustainable adaptation and resilience by targeted community organizations or groups such as Land Right Monitors (LRMs), Loose Coalitions, Women networks, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Local Authorities.

Thus, TNRF in collaboration with CARE through Alizeti Usawa na Thamani (ALUTA) and Kukua ni Kujifunza (KNK) is expecting to PSP); a mechanism for collective sharing and interpretation of climate forecasts in Iringa following the seasonal weather forecast for the Southern Meteorological zone covering Southern highlands regions. The current PSP will be implemented in Iringa rural district on the October, November, December, January, February and March weather forecasts released by Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) and will cover; Itunundu, Isele, Kimande, Magombwe and Mbolimboli villages.




Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) through the project called “Engaging Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Communities, and the Private Sector in advocacy and piloting implementation of the Wildlife Corridor Regulations” will facilitate a national Wildlife Working Group stakeholders meeting at Wanyama Hotel, in Dar es salaam.

The meeting will focus on;

  1. Discussing challenges exist in the wildlife conservation legal framework
  2. Recommend long term strategy that will help in conservation of wildlife and
  3. Revamping action plans for effective facilitation of Wildlife Working Group (WWG) proposed activities in Tanzania.


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