Road to not harm Serengeti…

Road to not harm Serengeti...

President Kikwete recently released a public statement to reassure the international community that he would never build a road that would harm the Serengeti.  His public statement also makes a reminder to the international community that he has a commitment to the poor communities that live north of the Serengeti and they need his support.  Specifically, he states, “we cannot deny these people living on the northern side of the Serengeti border a road.”

Read the entire Serengeti press release here .


CSO’s Urge Tanzanian Delegation to Support REDD positions in Cancun

IN an effort to advocate for an equitable, scientifically sound and environmental international REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) agreement, a group of civil society organizations developed a position for the REDD negotiations at COP 16. The position is being released just days before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s sixteenth Conference of the Parties is set to begin in Cancun, Mexico.

Eight CSO’s have signed onto the position, including all the REDD pilot projects that are currently implementing REDD in Tanzania.


Blog from Cancun COP16 | Taarifa ya kutoka Cancun COP16

Communicating Climate Change Challenges

REDD in Tanzania: 

Civil Society Organizations Proposes Recommendations for the National REDD Strategy

TODAY civil society organizations present proposed recommendations to the REDD Task Force on the National REDD Strategy. The Strategy, which will serve as the guiding document for REDD implementation in Tanzania, will for the first time be publically shared with civil society at the National REDD Learning Event held in Dar es Salaam today. Professor Pius Yanda, the Secretariat to the National REDD Task Force, will make the presentation.



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