High-Level Virtual Roundtable on CBNRM Policy in Southern Africa

On Thursday, May 30th, 2013, USAID aims to hold an online High-Level Roundtable to share the results from a 4-year CBNRM stocktaking process and to discuss the potential for integrating CBNRM into national development strategies, plans, and policies in Southern Africa as an integrated approach to development. 

This roundtable is meant for key decision-makers who influence policy and legislation, particularly senior government officials and politicians. In an online conference setting, the virtual roundtable will provide an opportunity for dialogue among national policy makers at a regional level. Expert presentations will be followed by a series of facilitated discussions that will engage experts and government officials in a critical dialogue (details below). 

The larger aim is to initiate a community of practice on CBNRM policy that can forge a consistent, shared vision for the future of CBNRM in Southern Africa and ultimately succed in integrating CBNRM into national strategies to advance rural development and meet government objectives.

The roundtable will also introduce 5 new policy briefs around the topic of CBNRM in Southern Africa and its impacts on rural developmentrural democracyconservation and wildlife, and climate change. The policy briefs will be made available the week of the event. To access the relevant stocktaking reports, click here.   

To express interest and obtain more information, please email Karishma Patel

High-Level Virtual Roundtable Agenda

Opening and WelcomeMike McGaughey, USAID

Overview of the Southern Africa CBNRM Policy Briefs
Background on CBNRM and introduction of the CBNRM Policy Briefs with a high level overview of  findings and recommendations.

Brian Jones, Consultant

CBNRM Contributions to Rural Development & Poverty Reduction
Evidence-based summary of the contributions of CBNRM to rural development using examples of improved livelihoods in Namibia.

Chris Weaver, WWF
CBNRM Contributions to Empowerment & Rural DemocracyExamples of how CBNRM empowers local communities and recommendations for supporting good governance mechanisms.Mwape Sichilongo, WWF
Discussion session: CBNRM and its Role in Southern Africa
A series of discussion questions for experts and decision-makers to engage in a productive conversation around integration of CBNRM in national development policy.
Patricia Skyer, WWF