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Poverty reduction strategies and PER - an attempt at a simplification - the Tanzanian experience:, , (2003)
Poverty, pastoralism and policy in Ngorongoro: Lessons learned from the Ereto I Ngorongoro Pastoralist Project with implications for pastoral development and the policy debate, , Loliondo and London, (2008) PDF icon E-INFO-IIED-ERETO_Kipuri-N_and Sorenson-C_2008_Poverty_pastoralism_and_policy_in_Ngorongoro.pdf (1.21 MB)
Poverty - Environment Linkages in MKUKUTA implementation : A training for civil society organizations, , (2005)
Poverty, Development and Biodiversity Conservation: Shooting in the Dark?, , Wildlife Conservation Society, March 2006, p.56, (2006) PDF icon E-INFO_WCS_Poverty_Development_&_Conservation.pdf (575.04 KB)
Poverty and Deforestation in Tanzania:, , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (2002)
Poverty and Changing Livelihoods of Migrant Maasai Pastoralists in Morogoro and Kilosa Districts Tanzania, , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (2003)
Potential of Trophy Hunting to create Incentives for Wildlife Conservation in Africa where Alternative Wildlife-Based Land Uses may not be viable, , September 2006, p.9, (2006) PDF icon E-INFO_Lindsey.PA_etal _2006_Potential_of_trophy_hunting_to_create_incentives_for_wildlife_conservation_in_Africa.pdf (171.91 KB)
Potential for Biofuels for Transport in Developing Countries, , (2005) PDF icon Potential for Biofuels for Transport in Developing Countries (936.65 KB)
Poor people's experiences of health services in Tanzania, , (2004)
The Political Economy of Social Accountability in Tanzania: Anti-logging Advocacy and the Mama Misitu Campaign, , (2011) PDF icon Project Report.pdf (656.82 KB)
The Political Economy of Social Accountability in Tanzania: Anti-logging Advocacy and the Mama Misitu Campaign, , (2011) PDF icon ODI_TNRF_TPESAT_Antilogging_Advocacy_and_the_MMC_.pdf (655.78 KB)
Policy Paper on Local Government Reform, , Dar es Salaam., (1998)
Policy matters : Sustainable livelihoods & co-management of natural resources, , Issue Iss. No. 1, (2002)
Policy Forum Statement in Response to Recent Statement by the Minister for Education against HakiElimu and the Education Circular, , November 2005, p.2, (2005) PDF icon E-INFO_Policy_Forum_05.11.06_Press_Statement_on_Hakielimu issue.pdf (100.33 KB)
Policy and management plan for tourist hunting / Sera ya mipango wa usimamiaji kwa ajili ya uwindaji wa kitalii, , (1995)
Policy and Management Plan for Tourist Hunting, , Wildlife Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dar es Salaam, (1995) PDF icon E-INFO-WD_1995_Policy_and_Management_Plan_for_Hunting.pdf.pdf (9.21 MB)
The police and Madia image: a newspapers survey, , Volume 03, (1998)
Payments for Ecosystem Services Getting Started: A Primer, , Forest Trends; The Katoomba Group; UNEP, (2008) PDF icon E-INFO_PES_Getting_Started.pdf (1.85 MB)
Pastoralism: dry lands' invisible asset? Developing a framework for assessing the value of pastoralism in East Africa, , (2006)
Pastoral Meat Value Chain Analysis Training Report October 2008, , (2008) PDF icon E-PLTF-Value_Chain_Analysis_Training_Report_October-2008.pdf (323.19 KB)
Partioned Nature Privileged Knowledge Community Based Conservation in the Maasai Ecosystem,Tanzania., , 2002, p.30, (2002) PDF icon E-INFO_Goldman.M_2002_Partitioned_Nature_Privileged_Knowledge-Community_Based_Conservation_In_The_Maasai_Ecosystem_Tanzania.pdf (122.75 KB)
Participatory Poverty Assessment: Mbulu district site report: Mongo wa mono village, , 08/04/2002, (2002)
Participatory forestry management : A report on lessons learnt, , 10/10/2003, (2003)
Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania: Facts and Figures, , (2008) PDF icon Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania: Facts and Figures (733.34 KB)
Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania, , (2007)