Green Economy in Africa – CSOs Perspectives

Green Economy

Geofrey Mwanjela, Head of Programs at TNRF, is participating in a panel at the African Development Bank's Annual meeting here in Arusha. The panel topic is on natural resource management and the green economy in Africa - CSOs perspectives.


‘Change’ – Day One of Climate Change and Planning Workshop

‘Change’ is the underlining theme for day one of the workshop, Implications of Climate Change for Drylands Planning in Tanzania at District and National Levels: Opportunities and Challenges.  It’s about a changing climate, but it’s also about changing attitudes, approaches and planning processes. 

Declaration of Indigenous Peoples of Africa on Sustainable Development and Rio +20

In April, representatives of Indigenous Peoples of Africa met in Arusha for a preparatory meeting on sustainable development and Rio+20.  They discussed objectives, themes and substantive matters for indigenous peoples for Rio+20 as well as related to sustainable development more generally.  The meeting resulted in a declaration, which will be shared with African and global leaders.  

Read more here on their goal, concerns and declaration in relation to the indigenous people of Africa.


TNRF Welcomes a New Executive Director

Esther Yamat


TNRF is excited to welcome a new Executive Director to our team. Esther Yamat brings a wealth of valuable senior management and strategic development experience to TNRF, having held a number of senior positions in both the public and private sector in Tanzania.

"Joining TNRF is an exciting step for me in my career," explains Mrs. Yamat. "It is allowing me an opportunity to link my past experiences to my passion - of seeing real change and empowering people. TNRF seeks to strengthen citizens' voices, while also addressing issues of governance, accountability and equality in the natural resource sector. I look forward to being part of this change."

Mrs. Yamat is joining us from her most recent post as General Manager of FAIDA Market Link Company, a non-profit company that works with small-holder farmers through capacity building initiatives, organizational development, business training, contract farming as well as linking them to markets.
Prior to that, Mrs. Yamat served as the Community Investment Manager and Sustainability Manager for Barrick Gold Tanzania, one of the world's leading gold mining companies. She has a MBA in strategic management, and a bachelors in business administration.

Karibu sana!


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