Policy Brief on Land Issues and REDD

TFCG and MJUMITA have published a policy brief on landissues and REDD.  The brief, titled, “A one-step guide to making the National REDD strategy more pro-poor,” explains that the one and only step is “recognizing community rights to village land.”  The brief covers issues such as avoiding land grabbing and understanding general lands vs. village lands.


Map of REDD projects in Tanzania


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) put together a map of all the REDD pilot projects in Tanzania. Go here to see where REDD is being implemented and by whom.


TZ-REDD Newsletter

TZ-REDD Newsletter Issue 4

The 4th issue of TZ-REDD Newsletter is out!  This issue provides updates on the REDD pilot projects in Tanzania, including the two new projects run by WCST and WWF.  The newsletter also gives an overview of the Draft National REDD Strategy and the feedback given by various stakeholders; a report about the CARE HIMA gender and REDD+ training; resources from abroad and more.  

Go here to read the entire newsletter online, or download a pdf version of the newsletter here.

REDD in Tanzania: 

Lake Natron, Flamingos and the Proposed Soda Ash Factory

An Overview...

By Marc Baker


In early April, the Daily News reported that the government wishes to fast track the plans for a soda ash factory at Lake Natron (http://dailynews.co.tz/home/?n=18633&cat=home). Given this recent attention, TNRF member, Marc Baker of Ecological Initiatives, provides an overview of Lake Natron, its diversity, Lesser Flamingos and what a soda ash factory could mean for this fragile environment. 



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