Status Report for Independent Forest Monitoring in Tanzania

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Tanzania Forestry Working Group, HTSPE, Dar es Salaam (2009)

Please be aware that HTSPE Tanzania Ltd, in consultation with Dr. George Jambiya and REM (UK), has to date:

1. A revised work plan and budget has been drafted in consultation with REM. It will be formalized into a contract this week and the Work Plan shared with IFM stakeholders including Dr. Jambiya, TNRF and FBD. 1st field trip with REM visiting TZ is confirmed for 1st two weeks in March 2009. FBD is now aware of this.

2. Met with the Director of Forestry and some of his staff, including the Utilization Unit and specifically the Surveillance Staff of this Unit. They are now fully on board for this assignment and are even offering advice on how to undertake it.

3. HTSPE (T) Ltd. has been assigned to the Assistant Director for Forestry Development, Dr. Aloyce Tango, on this assignment. Our focal point is Mr. Joseph Kigula, who is the PFM Coordinator. We are allowed to contact any of the directors as we wish. The Utilization Unit is also fully accessible to HTSPE (T) Ltd.

4. 3 persons are travelling to the field this weekend. One will travel south of Dar es Salaam to Kilwa and the other 2 will travel to Tabora and points west and northwest from there. Information from these reconnaissance missions will be gathered over the next 3 weeks. Discussions are ongoing for informants in Rufiji and Tanga.

5. Documents and literature continue to be collected and reviewed. This activity will be continuous. Many documents from FBD are only in hardcopy.

6. Several meetings and much charcoal information has been gathered from WWF, particularly Peter Sumbi.

7. Meeting with Jonas Olsen of MJUMITA had to be postponed but should be able to take place this week.

8. Meeting planned next week with Local Government ministry’s forestry advisor.

9. Debriefings to FWG, FBD and DPG on or around 14 March, after field mission, will propose an IFM design that will be discussed with stakeholders and field tested from 16 March – mid- June 2009. Final design and ToR by end June 2009.

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