Forestry Working Group - Carbon, Communities and Conservation Roundtable


Carbon, Communities, and Conservation: Developing a Framework for Generating Socioeconomic and Environmental Benefits using the Voluntary Carbon Market in Tanzania

1. International Policy Environment - analysis of CDM post Bali (George Jambiya / Marc Baker) - understanding recent developments and mapping out the future.

2. Understanding Ecological Carbon Services (Fred Nelson) - additionality / non-additionality, leakages through harvesting etc

3. Best practices for measuring biophysical sequestration of carbon (Eliakimu Zahabu) - in relation to certification

4. Economic / financial models (Selemani Kimunyi / Marc Baker) - investigating appropriate business models and institutional arrangements that minimize transaction costs (e.g. project facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, and risk)

5. Contracting and community participation - (George Jambiya) how can contracting be optimally effected and managed with communities?

6. Third party certification for voluntary sector schemes (Marc Baker) - the opportunities, requirements and constraints of the third party certification environment e.g. CCBA VCS Gold Standards

7. National policy and institutional environment (George Jambiya) - understanding the legal and institutional environment for payment of ecological services - including issues of land, forestry, environment, finance flows and local government

8. Practical implementation -what next for taking the concept of ‘carbon, communities and conservation' forward?

14 March 2008 - 5:00am to 1:00pm