Research Assistant - CBNRM Research Project

30 December 2012

Giulia Wegner, a PhD candidate at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of the University of Oxford, is recruiting a volunteer with a background in linguistics and political sciences to join her research team in data processing activities for a research project on “Democratic representation and deliberative participation in Community-based Natural Resources Management – Do they lead to improved conservation and development outcomes? Field experiments from Tanzania”.

  1. Background

The research project is investigating the relationship between democratic governance, socio-economic impacts and conservation outcomes in Community-based Natural Resources Management (CB-NRM). The project will assess whether the deliberative (i.e., discussion-based) participation of local stakeholder groups in the decision-making process is correlated with the improved quality, equity and legitimacy of decisions for the local management of natural resources. This relationship will be assessed through a field experiment design consisting of a series of focus group discussions and survey questionnaires.  

  1. Main duties and responsibilities

Under overall supervision of the PC, the RAs will undertake the following tasks: 

  • Process and store survey questionnaire data
  • Transcribe, translate (from Swahili into English) and code video-recorded data

The volunteer will be trained by the PC in the following

  • screening of paper questionnaires
  • entering of survey questionnaire data into database
  • transcription of video-recorded data
  • translation of video-recorded data
  • coding of video-recorded data

The RAs will also collaborate with the PC at the following logistic tasks throughout the employment period: 

  • Maintenance of IT and stationary equipment
  1. Qualifications

The applicant will be expected to be endowed with the following qualifications and skills:

  1. Education: BSc degree in one of the following subject areas: Swahili-English Linguistics and translation; political sciences; public administration; environmental policy; community development; natural resources management; development studies; environmental economics; social sciences. The volunteer should have either completed his/her degree, or should be about to complete it.
  2. Language: Swahili mother-tongue and excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Ability to translate from Swahili into English in an accurate manner. These are crucial skills for this post, and only applicants with these skills will be considered.
  3. IT: Computer literate, with knowledge of MS Windows, Word and Excel; able to type at moderate/fast speed. 
  4. Working experience: Some professional experience in transcription and Swahili-English translation is preferred.
  5. Transferable skills: Strong work ethics, excellent team-working and organisational skills, dependability and personal effectiveness, and a strong desire to learn. 
  6. Other: Interested in the topics and goals of the research project.
  1. Location

The project will be carried out in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  1. Period of employment

The post will be carried out for a period of 2-3 months in January-March 2013.

  1. Salary

The RA will be employed on a semi-voluntary basis. The monthly salary will range between Tsh 450,000 and 700,000 depending on what specific tasks the candidate will be able to undertake, and the candidates’ previous working experience.

  1. National insurance

In case of sickness or injury, the volunteer will receive a contribution towards his/her medical expenses of up to 60% of his/her average daily earnings under this contract, for up to two weeks from the date of the accident/disease

  1. Mode of application

The application should include:

    • A one page cover letter indicating why the applicant is interested in the advertised position, and why he/she is likely to make a valuable contribution to the project
    • A complete Curriculum Vitae
    • An academic transcript
    • Contact details: postal address, e-mail address and phone number
    • The contact details of two referees, possibly one from an academic tutor and one from a current/previous employer

Suitably qualified candidates are invited to forward their application as soon as possible to 

The e-mail title should quote: Application for RA position, CB-NRM research project.

For further information please contact Giulia Wegner at:; Tel: +255 (0)719393563; (0)689717085.

How to Apply: 

Suitably qualified candidates are invited to forward their application as soon as possible to

The e-mail title should quote: Application for RA position, CB-NRM research project.

For further information please contact Giulia Wegner at:; Tel: +255 (0)719393563; (0)689717085.