Policy Study Expert

22 November 2012

TNRF is an Arusha based network organization that focuses on the improvement of natural resource governance in Tanzania. TNRF brings members and partners together and helps them to bridge the gap between their local natural resource management needs and practices and national natural resource management priorities, policies, laws and programs. TNRF is currently looking for an

Expert consultant

Study on Policy and traditional agro-forestry and pastoralist systems in Tanzania

In partnership with the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Initiative of FAO, TNRF is conducting a study on the impacts of Tanzania's policies and laws on traditional agricultural systems. This study aims to provide valuable contributions to environmental management, biodiversity, local livelihoods and cultural diversity with emphasis on the Pastoral system of the Maasai and the Chagga Home Garden system. These systems include management of a range of resources, including livestock, water, trees, crops, pasture, wildlife, photographic tourism, hunting tourism etc. and institutional arrangements regulating access and user patterns, including seasonal mobility. The study, to be carried out between November and early December 2012, will provide input to a Policy workshop, to be organized by FAO in late December 2012, which will make recommendations on contributing to a (more) supportive policy environment for valuable forms of traditional agriculture systems in Tanzania. This GIAHS initiative is implemented by FAO in collaboration with a number of international and local partners in eight pilot countries.

An expert should have obtained a Masters degree in Natural Resource Management, Agriculture/Livestock or a related field with more than 5 years of experience; Demonstrated interest in indigenous agricultural systems (agro-forestry and pastoralism); Sound knowledge of the relevant TanzanianPolicies and laws of different sectors (e.g. Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Development, Land, Environment, Wildlife andTourism); Demonstrated excellent (English) writing skills and a capacityto present complex issues in a concise manner and be able to work to  strict deadlines

Candidates for this job are kindly requested to send their CVs accompanied by an expression of interest to Patricia Tarimo (p.tarimo@tnrf.org). Applications should be sent latest by 23rd November 2012

For enquiries about this post, Terms of Reference please contact Patricia Tarimo to the above address.

How to Apply: 

Candidates for this job are kindly requested to send their CVs accompanied by an expression of interest to Patricia Tarimo (p.tarimo@tnrf.org). Applications should be sent latest by 23rd November 2012