Dates: 14th - 25th October 2018

OLENGAPA is a grazing unit established through Sustainable Range Management Project funded by International Land Coalition (ILC) through ILRI.

Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), KINNAPA and the KDC plans to undertake a detailed inventory on the current management status of the grazing unit by mapping the areas encroached, extent and level by picking the Geographical Positioning System (GPS) coordinates on locations of encroachment and the number households within the grazing areas.

The inventory survey builds up after a successful technical visit from Sept 23rd   to 1st Oct 2018 to OLENGAPA - KITETO grazing unit with a team from Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development (MLF), Kiteto District Council (KDC), KINNAPA, TNRF and Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). The team alleged that it is now very crucial to gather information on actual management status of OLENGAPA before starting the piloting of PRM.

The inventory exercise will document the current status of OLENGAPA grazing unit/Rangeland management area by compiling all information related to kind of encroachment, by who and where using GPS technology to inform designing of approaches to PRM implementation.

It is expected that, the team will come up with a detailing report on the range management status of OLENGAPA highlighting level of encroachment, ecological disturbance and challenges to proper management. As well as OLENGAPA map showing levels and extent of encroachment within the grazing area.This activity is being funded by European Union through Participatory Rangelands Management Project (PRM). TNRF in collaboration with Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE - KENYA), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Veterinaries San Frontiers (VSF-Belgium), SOS SAHEL and Coalition of European Lobby on Pastoralism in East Africa (CELEP) are implementing Participatory Rangelands Management Project (PRM); a four-year project funded by European Union (EU) through International Land Coalition (ILC). This is a cross border project in Tanzania and Kenya where TNRF coordinates implementation of the project on part of Tanzania while RECONCILE coordinates implementation of the project in Baringo County, Kenya.