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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) through the project titled Engaging Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), communities and Private Sector (PS) in Advocacy and piloting implementation of the wildlife Corridor Regulations, held a TV talk show and radio program on TBC1 and TBC Taifa on 25th and 26th September 2018 respectively. The shows (TUAMBIE PROGRAM) and TUWEKANE SAWA were aired live for one hour each and provided opportunity for conservation and tourism stakeholders to make phone calls to ask questions and provide recommendations. 

The panelist were members of the Tanzania Parliamentarians Friends of Environment (TAPAFE) Honorable Jitu Soni, Honorable Zainab Katimba and Honorable Esther Matiko. Also Mr. Mosses Ngereza a policy analyst from Tourism Confederation of Tanzania and Mr. Ernest Mwamaja the Director of Marketing from Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) were present.   

The discussion was centered on improving tourism business environment and investment incentives for improving the National economy and diversifying communities’ livelihood. Callers were concerned with how much has been done so far by TTB in promoting local tourism as most of the Tanzanians doesn’t have that interest in visiting our tourist attractions destinations. It also appeared that the government through TTB is working hard in reaching the international market started with India and China. The government plan is to have Air Tanzania (Dreamliner) fly direct from India and China to the country. This will not only increase number of tourist but also create more jobs and in turns increase the percentage contribution of the tourism sector to the national GDP. This is coupled with several strategies in promoting domestic tourism, for instance there is a special program of promoting local tourism by reaching flexible groups such as youth, pupils and students. Major comments that came from the viewers and listeners included;

  • The government through the ruling part is implementing the 2015 election manifesto which has clearly stated on section 18 and 19 about promoting southern circuit tourism. Efforts have been made so far and projects like REGROW have been initiated. The REGROW project seeks to strengthen the management of protected areas and promote nature-based tourism in Southern Tanzania – known as the “Southern Circuit” and contribute to the diversification of livelihoods in selected communities
  • Local tourism is not well promoted and still expensive , need to reduce park fees and other costs that a citizen has to pay to access the tourist attractions
  •  There is a need to put more effort in raising awareness about tourism especially in the rural areas. Every citizen should understand what tourism means and the benefits that comes with it.
  •  A need to Promote Tanzania attractions on international media such as Aljazeera and CNN and coupling it with the direct flights
  • Opportunities such as employment for the youth should be prioritized in the tourism sector. This has to go hand in hand with qualification and hospitality as tourism industry is very delicate industry.
  • Tour operators should come up with strategies that will make tourists stay longer in the country and be great ambassadors of the country when they go back to their home countries. This will attract more tourists to visit Tanzania.

As TNRF we are happy to facilitate more discussion on this agenda in ensuring that the government interest and those of other stakeholders are catered in the legal framework through different platforms.