Draft Local Content Policy of Tanzania for Oil and Gas Industry - 2014 (Call for Comments)

Press Release

The Government released the Natural Gas Policy, 2013 in October 2013 carrying an important message to the public that “Natural gas resource found in Tanzania belongs to the people of the United Republic of Tanzania, and must be managed in a way that benefits the entire Tanzanian society”.

Management of the resource and realization of associated benefits requires concerted efforts to enable adequate participation of Tanzanians along the entire value chain. These efforts will involve, among others, developing relevant specific policies and strategies, and building requisite capacity to Tanzanians and enterprises owned by Tanzanians. It is only through this strategy that the country can walk into the gas economy with “increased level of use of Tanzanian local expertise, goods and services, people, businesses and financing in oil and gas activities

The Government is formulating a policy dedicated on Local Content aspects as one of the tools to implement the Natural Gas Policy 2013, towards developing the capacity of Tanzanians to participate strategically and manage the natural gas economy.

In this regard, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals hereby invites comments on the draft Local Content Policy (published herein) from all stakeholders and Tanzanians at large in order to improve the draft policy. Please submit your comments not later than 20th May, 2014 through the addresses shown below. The draft policy may also be obtained from the Ministry’s website: www.mem.go.tz


Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of Energy and Minerals,

754/33 Samora Avenue,

P. O. Box 2000,


Facsimile: +255 22 2111947

Email: ps@mem.go.tz