Ardhi Yetu Program (AYP II) kickoff training on Climate Change and Adaptation Concepts and Practices


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Ardhi Yetu Programme (AYP II) through Care Tanzania in collaboration with Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), CARE - WWF Alliance and Care Denmark organized a five days training (02th - 06th July 2018) on Climate change and adaptation concepts and practices. The training is taking place at Same District - Kilimanjaro Region with a major purpose of familiarising and capacitating CARE and core partners on tools that will support them to be able to design and facilitate effective climate vulnerability and capacity analysis and sustainable adaptation planning with targeted community organisations. Specifically, the training will cover;

Day 1: Awareness raising and understanding of climate change, its impacts in the Tanzania pastoralist

Day 2: Farming context, and climate resilience and adaptation concepts and approaches.

                          Day 3: Gender responsive Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (G-CVCA)

                          Day 4: Participatory planning approach:community adaptation action planning (CAAP)

                          Day5: Training on how to design, develop and facilitate a detailed plan to train partners, local government staff and community groups and facilitate the assessment and planning

The training has brought twenty-nine (29) representatives (participants) from Same, Ruvu, Kiteto, Simanjiro, Iringa and Mufindi Districts, HAKIARDHI and Parakuyo Pastoralist Indigenous Community Development Organization (PAICODEO).

It is expected that, participants together with AYP II implementing team will build relationships and understanding between them and the community level activities; they will also become trainers of community facilitation team on Community Adaptation Action Planning.

About AYP II: In May, 2018, HAKIARDHI, Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) and Parakuyo Pastoralist Indigenous Community Development Organization (PAICODEO) under the funding from Care International through Care Tanzania started implementation of Ardhi Yetu Programme II (AYP II). The project is taking place after the phase out of AYP I which was a four years project that started in 2014 to 2017. AYP I focused on addressing challenges over the land sector in the country.

AYP II is a four years project starting from 2018 to 2021 and will cover 11 districts; Kiteto, Simanjiro, Chemba, Iringa rural, Kilolo, Mufindi, Kilombero, Morogoro DC, Morogoro rural, Mvomero and Kilosa. Apart from addressing land issues, this phase will integrate land issues and climate change resilience and adaptation measures. This aims at helping communities through use of traditional and scientific measures in addressing climate change. Along with climate change the project will take consideration of Gender Sensitive climate vulnerability and Capacity Assessment while developing Community Adaptation Action Planning and Implementation (CAAP).