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The Africa Commission Report: What about the Politics?, Booth, D. , (In Press)
Aid and Reform in Africa:, Devarajan, S., Bank) Dollar. D(of The World, and of of Holmgren Ministry Foreign Affairs Sweden T. , (In Press)
Are Local Governments Managing Money Well?, Elimu, Haki , Dar es salaam, Tanzania, (In Press)
Assessment of Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Tanzania:, Tanzania, EPIQ/ , (In Press)
Assessment of Sport Hunting in the Game Reserves in the Kagera Region of Tanzania, of Resource, Ministry Natural, Tourism, and Division Wildlife , (In Press)
Biodiversity Management in Rural Development, Lamboll, R., Morris M., and Broekhoven L. V. , Tanzania, (In Press)
The Bradley Fund for The Environment, Foundation, Sand County , (In Press)
Building a Future With our Forests, ida, Lamp Booklet Series , (In Press)
Chapter 7: Marketing Hunting and Photographic Conservation In Communal Areas:, Child, B., and Bond I. , (In Press)
Chapter 8: Planning For Tourism Development: The Marketing Mix Approach - Basic Check List:, Kaufman, D., Travel Kaufman, and Bulawayo Tourism Consulting , (In Press)
Civil Society Law enforcement and forest Governance in Africa, Barrow, E., Chege F., Lahtela V., Mkanda F., Matindi S., Ndikumagenge C., Laurent S., and Young T. , (In Press)
Community Based Natural Resource Management, of in Namibia, Ministry Environment Tourism , NAMIBIA, (In Press)
Community Benefits Through Wildlife Resources:, Kipuri, N., and Ole Nangoro B. , (In Press)
Conservation of the Kilimanjaro ecosystem threatened by its own migration corridors, Foundation, African Wildlife , Namanga - Kenya, (In Press)
Demokrasia katiba na wewe, wa es Salaam, Mtandao Katiba Mpya- LHRC -Dar , (In Press)
Demokrasia Katiba na Wewe:, wa unaoratibiwa na cha na za Binadamu, Mtando Katiba Mpya Kituo Sheria Haki - , (In Press)
Do national Parks Have a Future in Africa?, Pullan, R. A. , (In Press)
Dodoma Environmental Network - DONET, DONET , Dodoma,Tanzania, (In Press)
The East African Sub-regional Project, on in Africa, Joint Project Environment Law Institutions , Volume 6, (In Press)
Effect of Burning and Herb ivory on an East African Savanna System:, Van de Vijver, C. , (In Press)
Entering the 21st Century World Development Report 1999/2000, Bank, The World , New York USA, (In Press)
Environment- Chapter 11:, Bojo, J., Bucknall J., Kirk Hamilton K., kishor N., Krausand C., and Pillai P. , (In Press)
The Ethics of Hunting, King, R. J. , (In Press)
History Matters: Institutional Change and CBNRM in Sanga District Northern Mozambique:, AnAnstey, S. , (In Press)
Human-Wildlife Conflict worldwide: collection of case studies, analysis of management strategies and good practices, Distefano, Elisa , (In Press) PDF icon Human-Wildlife Conflict worldwide: collection of case studies, analysis of management strategies and good practices, Elisa Distefano (1.32 MB)