AYP experience in the Community Based Adaptation (CBA12) conference

Ardhi Yetu Programme (AYP) partners has been privileged to attend, share and gain experience in the CBA12 conference in Lilongwe, Malawi. The Conference is taking place in Lilongwe starting from 11th to 14th June 2018. The conference has focused on getting local expirience Locally-driven action that addresses climate challenges.

The conference has brought more than 270 participants from 47 countries to come and share practice that;

  • Showcase lived experiences, tools and examples in the CBA market place
  • Put forward and discuss burning issues around key themes in the open space
  • Exchange knowledge and share expertise in the skills clinics on topics such as monitoring & evaluation, accessing climate finance, developing proposals, communications, and more
  • Build pitches with climate investors for innovative finance for locally driven climate adaptation; decentralized climate finance programmes; and adaptation technology investments.

TNRF's diary from knowledge to action: Experience with the Community Land Initiative

While villagers still struggle with using current legal frameworks to access land rights in Tanzania, the government plans to trigger yet another revised national land law. Our team learnt how to help communities make the most of the upcoming legislation. 

In Nyeri, Kenya a community land protection-learning initiative teaches land activists, including two of us from the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) how to help villages access and secure lands using varied approaches.


World Council of Churches - WCC


TNRF attending WCC
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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum is attending World Council of Churches - WCC Event held in Arusha, Ngurudoto where it is participating as among many Civil Society Organization in Tanzania and Africa that advocates, publish and research on; natural resource governance on; land tenure rights, gender and accountability, responsible investments in land; issues on climate change, community based natural resource management, wildlife and various aspect on natural resource rights and governance. The WCC is held in Arusha Tanzania from 8th to 13th March 2018, bringing participants from all over the world; from various religions, allowing participants to learn about African Universal (ecumenical) mission themed "Together Towards Life"; declaring the dignity of life when people's rights are threatened, focusing on working with people in conflict zone, regions affected by climate change and situations where economic survival is at risk. The conference seek to forester relationships and create partnerships for its theme. It celebrates the unity of all peoples as it marvels at their God given diversity. The conference is in Africa for the first time since 1958. It also seek to attend to the signs of the times that particularly affect African peoples and lands. TNRF intend to use the platform to showcase it work; publications and share experiences on climate change and natural resources and its influence on livelihood in Tanzania and foresting relationships in this important event. 

Tanzania: multiple stakeholders debate land governance challenges


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Tanzania is currently reviewing its national land policy. To better enrich the process, the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is encouraging inclusive participation of multiple stakeholders via public debates and discussions at all levels. 

TNRF, an ILC member first supported multi-actors discussions at district levels, before collaborating with the NES process in Tanzania and Policy Forum to set up a national debate on the issue.

From researchers, academia, land and gender experts, to government officials, civil society and the private sector, over 40 stakeholders gathered at the British Council in Dar es Salaam, on November 24th 2017 and discussed land challenges and opportunities to strengthen the new policy in making.

The debate focused on people centred land governance and I talked about possible solutions to protect rights of the poor and vulnerable including women, while Dr Stephen Nindi, Director for the National Land Use Plan Commission (NLUPC) discussed the contribution of land use plan in the protection of community land and for the enhancement of land governance




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