A Road Through the Serengeti?

Recent articles and a statement from the Communications Officer of Tanzania National Parks have confirmed that the Tanzanian Government is planning to build a commercial road that cuts directly through the Serengeti. This is becoming a very hot topic, especially within the conservation community in Tanzania and even internationally, and TNRF would like to alert our members to the issue and provide information so they can learn more. 


Round Table on Responsible Tourism

"Green"-oriented tourism investors will kick off Karibu Fair 2010 with a seminar on Responsible Tourism. As the green revolution of socially and ecologically responsible tour operators slowly picks up speed globally, one finds that products on demand will have a market advantage if they carry a green label or brand. Indeed the global trend in manufacturing, fisheries, and agricultural industries is to establish agencies to certify "green" projects. Is an association for responsible tourism feasible in Tanzania? Join the Round Table on 3 June to debate this and more.


Remembering climate change at the World Economic Forum

While Africa's corporate world debated at the World Economic Forum in Dar es Salaam last week, the Tanzania Civil Society Forum for Climate Change joined the African People's Forum to bring together residents from across the country to discuss the impact of big business on climate change and livelihoods for the average Tanzanian.


Towards a forum on human-elephant conflict

On 20th April, at a workshop held to promote information exchange regarding conflicts between people and elephants in Tanzania, NGOs and wildlife authorities met to encourage dialogue between people and organizations working to avoid further conflict. As a result of the workshop, participants, who included leading NGO practitioners in the field of human-elephant conflict as well as their counterparts in government, decided to move forward with plans to establish a discussion forum on the subject.



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