Climate Change hearings II: Have you heard us?


Learning from Nepal on REDD

TNRF Senior Forest Program Officer, Cassian Sianga, recently joined the CARE HIMA REDD project in Zanzibar to travel to Nepal.  The purpose of the trip was to learn about Nepal’s well developed community forest management program, and to find ways to adopt and implement relevant techniques.  Learn about Mr. Sianga’s experience here.

TZ-REDD Newsletter, Issue 5

REDD Newsletter 5

The 5th issue of TZ-REDD Newsletter is now available.  This newsletter provides an overview of the UN-REDD program in Tanzania, an update on MARV system development in Tanzania and REDD+ and safeguards and standards.  Additionally, there is news from abroad, updates from the REDD pilot projects and many great resources.  View the newsletter here.


Honor, remember and plant a tree…

Wangari Maathai 

Around the globe people are honoring and mourning the passing of Wangari Maathai, environmentalist, women and human rights activist and leader.  Maathai, who celebrated the launch of the Mama Misitu campaign here in Tanzania, dedicated her life to promoting environmental sustainability and made famous the simple act of planting trees.  Learn more about Professor Maathai’s incredible journey and send your condolences here:



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