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The Global Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas and Territories Support Initiative (ICCA GSI) in collaboration with the GEF Small Grants Programme provides supports to territories and areas, which are conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities around the world. Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) a membership-based organisation is the recognised national ICCA catalyst organization that through this initiative strengthens and support ICCAs members, partners and communities to effectively engage in the management and conservation of the ICCAs in Tanzania.

Objective for the call for proposals

The initiative has set aside a small fund to support trusted members of ICCAs, NGOs, CBOs and FBOs working and supporting ICCAs in Tanzania to implement community-based projects that focus on the Focal Areas listed below:

Focal Areas:

1.  Sustainable conservation of nature and socio-cultural heritage

2.  Enhancement of sustainable livelihoods



Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) successfully introduced at the District Council and Villages the Equitable and Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project and also conducted training to village leaders, traditional leaders, Ward tribunal members, Village Land Council members, youth representatives and people with disability representatives from 17th-21st July 2019.   

The ESNRM Project (Equitable and Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project), is a nine-month project (commencing on July, 2019 -March, 2020), funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS). The overall objective of the project is to create peace and harmony on natural resource utilization among various groups in the community for sustainable socio-economic development. This will be achieved by facilitating dialogues among stakeholders in the project area to provide a peaceful environment for conflict resolution, building the capacity of community members, to sustainably utilize their natural resources through identification and development of management plans to ensure sustainability of the available natural resources.


Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP) Newsletter


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Sustainable Rangeland Management Project

The Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP) supports joint village land use planning and the protection of rangelands for local rangeland users.The project is implemented by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Tanzania, the National Land Use Planning Commission, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and local civil society organizations.The project activities have been funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Irish Aid through the International Land Coalition (ILC). The project contributes to the ILC’s national engagement strategy which is coordinated by the NES Secretariat, housed at TALA (the Tanzania Land Alliance).


International Civil Society Conference


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Participatory Rangelands Management (PRM) is a European Union (EU) funded project through International Land Coalition (ILC) in six clusters of rangelands in Tanzania which includes OLENGAPA, ALLOLE, KIMBO and NAPALAI in Kiteto District, Manyara region and two clusters in Chalinze District, Coast region. This is across border four years project in Tanzania and Kenya and will be implemented through a collaboration of partners which include: Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Veterinaries San Frontiers (VSF), SOS SAHEL and Coalition of European Lobby on Pastoralism in East Africa (CELEP). TNRF is the implementer of the project in Tanzania while RECONCILE pilots the project in Baringo County, Kenya. Both implementing institutions will be technically guided by International Livestock Research Institute Research (ILRI). In Tanzania, PRM is implemented in collaboration with Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries



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