Jumuiko la Maliasili Tanzania (TNRF) kwa kushirikiana na baadhi ya wadau wengine wa maliasili na utalii watakutana siku ya tarehe 3 Desemba 2018, kwenye mkutano wa siku moja kujadiliana juu ya utekelezaji wa Sheria ya uhifadhi wa wanyamapori na changamoto wadau wanazokumbana nazo katika utekelezaji wa sheria hiyo.


  1. Wadau kuainisha vipengele vya sheria ya Wanyamapori ambavyo vinahitaji maboresho ili kuongeza ufanisi katika utekelezaji wake.
  2. Kuja na mapendekezo yatakayoboresho sheria ya wanyamapori
  3. Mpango wa utekelezaji wa muda mfupi kulingana na vipaumbele vya wadau.

Moja ya malengo ya mradi huu ni pamoja na kuelimisha Umma kuhusu sheria za uhifadhi, utekelezaji wake na kupata mapendekezo yatakayosaidia uboreshaji wa sheria hitoka kwa wadau mbalimbali wakiwemo watunga sera, sheri na kanuni, wasimamizi na watekelezaji wa sheria hizo.

Wadau wanaoshiriki mkutano huu ni pamoja na Mazingira Network, Tanzania Association of Tour Operator, Tourism Confederation of Tanzania, Community Wildlife Management Area Consortium, The Nature Conservancy, Ujamaa Community Resource Team, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, Maliasili initiative na Honey-guide foundation.


TNRF hosted President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG)

TNRF hosted President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), Sector Coordination Unit on 21st November 2018. PORALG visit came after TNRFs’ request of working with all districts in Tanzania as ordered by the NGO registrar office that; all non-governmental organizations should request special permit for them to work with districts in Tanzania.

Thus, PORALG mission aims at familiarizing/verifying TNRF activities and its relation with the neighboring districts.




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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is implementing Land Governance and Accountability Project with support from Welthaus Graz and DKA both based in Austria. In that regard, TNRF conducted land rights dialogue Meetings in Iringa and Chemba Districts from 31st 0ctober to 4th November, 2018. The Meetings brought together District Officials, Ward Executive Officers, Village Executive Officers, Village chairpersons, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Land Right Monitors (LRMs), Pastoralists and Farmers Loose coalition representatives and Village land Councils’ members in both districts. The dialogue among other things related to the following:


Launching the Forum of Rural Producers in Tanzania “Jukwaa la Wazalishaji wa Vijijini Tanzania” (JUWAVITA) November, 2018

A collaboration of 30 member based Civil Societies (CSOs) that are accountable to its members formed an independent loose coalition of small-scale rural producers in Tanzania (JUWAVITA) “Jukwaa la Wazalishaji Vijijini Tanzania”. The Forum have been launched on 13th and 14th in Dodoma with the theme,The role of rural producers towards industrialized economy in Tanzania.  In Swahili “Nafasi ya Wazalishaji Wadogo Vijijini katika kufikia uchumi wa Viwanda Tanzania”. The launch was done by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture Honorable Mr. Omary Mgumba at Morena Hotel. The Forum brought on board 300 rural producers from both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. These included, pastoralist, hunters and gatherers, beekeepers, crop growers, livestock keepers, natural resource users and fisher folk’s communities. Also the Forum was attended by members of Parliament, the chairperson for the Parliamentary standing committee on Agriculture, other government officials and development partners.


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