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Forestry Working Group Meeting - Mama Misitu Launch

A meeting to work on the launch of Mama Misitu on April 10th 2008 - discussing:
  • Media
  • Protocol
  • Logistics
and the selection of committees to coordinate and direct each.  
14 March 2008 - 6:00am to 9:00am

TNRF launches 'Member Viewpoint' discussion papers

The first 'TNRF Member Viewpoint Paper' is about the planned construction of a USD400million harbour at Mwambani Bay designed to replace Tanga port, as part of the northern transport corridor development stretching from Tanga Port to Lake Natron. 'TNRF Member Viewpoint Papers' provide an opportunity for TNRF members to express a more formal professional viewpoint on a topical natural resource management issue through a short discussion paper. The purpose of this discussion paper series is to enable emerging natural resource management issues to be more widely debated and discussed openly amongst TNRF members and the general public.

Maajabu's development

How was Maajabu started? The name Maajabu, which means ‘amazing, wonderful' in Swahili, was chosen to reflect the dynamic effect of film on people and its ability to pass on incredible images.

Forest Working Group Meeting

Agenda forthcoming on Monday 18th February 2008
21 February 2008 - 5:00am to 8:00am


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