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Ghana learning and sharing trip joint summary report

Introduction: “ArdhiYetu is a program that seeks to support and strengthen the capacity of Tanzanian CSOs to promote land rights of smallholder farmers and pastoralists as a means of ensuring food security. As other program, ArdhiYetu keeps striving to be the best through learning and sharing information and knowledge on partnership, land rights and pastoralists issues in Tanzania.

Mkutano wa wadau wa ufugaji asili na sheria namba 5 ya ardhi ya vijiji

TAPHGO wameandaa mkutano na wadau mbalimbali kama CEDESOTA, PINGOs na wadau wengine wanaojihusisha  na ufugaji asilia kujadili sheria namba 5 (1999) ya ardhi ya vijiji. Mkutano huo umefanyika tarehe 1 / 7/ 2015 Equator Hotel, Arusha.  Lengo la ufugaji asilia ni kuongeza pato la taifa na kukidhi maisha ya wafugaji.

Kulingana na sheria ya ardhi iliopo kuna baadhi ya vipengele ambavyo wadau hao wameona vinahitaji marekebisho na maboresho kwa sababu vina mapungufu. Pia kuna zingine za kuongeza ivo wameandaa hoja za msingi na kwa pamoja wamechambua na watawasilisha kwa serikali kwa ajili ya mapitio ili iweze kusaidia kwenye kuboresha sheria ya ardhi.


Community Health Educator (CHE)


Location:  Loibor-Siret and Kimotorok Villages in Simanjiro District

Duration:  This is a grant-funded two-year position.  The contract is renewable after each year and the position may continue past the initial 24 months.

Supervisors:  This individual will be supervised by a representative of Loibor-Siret Sustainable Education Forum supported by MWEDO and Humanity for Children.  This individual will be independent of the two government dispensaries; however, cooperation and collaboration with the dispensaries staffs is expected.

General Description of Position:

The Community Health Educator (CHE) will coordinate health education activities that are included in the Rotary Global Grant -- Mother & Newborn Survival in Rural Areas of North Tanzania.  These activities will bring critical health information to individuals, families, and extended-family households throughout the Loibor-Siret and Kimotorok areas.  The CHE will help coordinate the following projects and initiatives:  1) promoting pregnant mothers to attend at least four pre-natal and four post-natal visits to the dispensary or at mobile health clinic events; 2) encouraging pregnant women to deliver their babies at the dispensary; 3) assisting with the training of traditional birth attendants who will promote safe birthing at the dispensary or, in an emergency, at home; 4) working with the traditional birth attendants to identify every pregnant woman and making sure she, and her family, receive education about safe-birthing practices; 5) assisting others with menstrual hygiene management education in the schools and in the field; 6) providing education for the first 1,000 days program to promote health during pregnancy and for the first two years of an infant’s life; 6) Coordinating the creation and distribution of safe-birthing kits; and 7) Collecting health education data to assist in program effectiveness and future program development.


This statement describes the evolution of the climate systems and outlook for the October to December, 2019 rainfall season, advisories and early warnings to various weather sensitive sectors including Agriculture and food security, Livestock and wildlife, Natural Resources and Tourism, Energy and water, Local Authorities, Health sector and Disaster Management.  This season is more significant for the areas of the northeastern highlands, northern coast, Lake Victoria Basin and the northern parts of Kigoma region.



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