Becoming a member

TNRF's members come from many walks of life. A large proportion of TNRF members work with either Community-based Organisations, or Non Governmental Organisations, or the Private Sector. Membership is open to everyone acting in a civil-society capacity - and is free! TNRF prides itself on being open, broad-based and participatory.


TNRF members and supporters are welcome to use the following logos (please right click to 'save as' / download):

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Getting our records right!

If you think that you or your organisation:

  • Should be on the membership list but are not:

- Please feel welcome to sign up - we apologise for any inconvenience:

  • Should not be on the membership list but are;

        - You would not like your contact information publicly accessible, but it is; or

  • Have contact information that is not publicly accessible on your member record below when you would like it to be.

- please send an email to