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WWF Biofuels Training Workshop Presentation, Morogoro 2008, , (2008) PDF icon WWF Biofuels Training Workshop Presentation, Morogoro 2008 (661.62 KB)
World development report, , Attacking poverty, (2000)
World development indicators, , (2003)
World Conservation: A world without biodiversity?, , (2008)
Workplace policy guideline on HIV / AIDS, , Dar es salaam Tanzania, (2005)
Working with Pastoralist NGO's and Land Conflicts in Tanzania, , Pastoral Land Tenure Series No. 07, 11/12/1994, (1994)
Working with communities and communal area conservation, , (2000)
WMA's and Beyond: Options and Opportunities for Community-based Natural Resources Management in Tanzania, , HakiKazi Catalyst, Sand County Foundation Community Based Conservation Network, Legal Human Rights Centre, May 2003, p.57, (2003)
WMA's and beyond: Options and opportunities for community based Natural Resource Management in Tanzania, , 06/05/2003, Arusha - Tanzania, (2003)
Wizara ya Fedha: Dondoo ya Bajeti 2006/07, , (2006)
Wildlife-Based Revenue Transparency Performance in Longido and Simanjiro Districts, , HakiKazi Catalyst, (2008)
Wildlife Wild Death:, , (In Press)
Wildlife Policy of Tanzania 2007, , (2007) PDF icon E-URT_POLICIES_National_Wildlife_Policy_2007.pdf (5.95 MB)
Wildlife Policy of Tanzania 1998, , (1998) PDF icon E-URT_POLICIES_Wildlife_Policy_of_Tanzania_1998.pdf (108.77 KB)
Wildlife Management Utilization and tourism in communal areas, , Republic of Namibia, (1995)
Wildlife Management Area Reference Manual 2003, , (2003) PDF icon E-URT_MNRT_WD_WMA_Reference_Manual 2003.pdf (282.6 KB)
Wildlife is Our Oil: Conservation, Livelihoods and NGOs in the Tarangire Ecosystem, Tanzania, , Oxford University Centre for the Environment, (2008)
''Wildlife is our Main Resources Poverty and Hunger our Biggest Problem:'', , (2003)
Wildlife for all Tanzanians: Stopping the loss, nurturing the resource and widening the benefits, , Arusha, (2008) PDF icon About the briefs (200.59 KB)PDF icon Summary Overview (461.4 KB)PDF icon Brief 1: The End of the Game? The Decline and Depletion of Tanzania's Wildlife (641.54 KB)PDF icon Brief 2: The Causes of Wildlife Decline in Tanzania (473.46 KB)PDF icon Brief 3: Maximising Revenues from Sustainable Wildlife Utilisation (1.01 MB)PDF icon Brief 4: Wildlife Management and Poverty Reduction (837.57 KB)PDF icon Brief 5: Integrating Wildlife into Local Livelihoods: The Importance of a Cross-Sectoral Approach (486.09 KB)PDF icon Brief 6: Best Practices in Wildlife Management - Learning from the Region (576.44 KB)PDF icon Brief 7: Policy Recommendations for Sustaining Tanzania's Wildlife  (472.74 KB)PDF icon Bibliography and Further Reading English (213.1 KB)PDF icon PACK - Wildlife for all Tanzanians: Stopping the loss, nurturing the resource and widening the benefit (3.3 MB)PDF icon Kuhusu Machapisho Haya (256.52 KB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 1: Mwisho wa Wanyamapori? Kupungua na Kuharibiwa kwa Wanyamapori Tanzania (742.08 KB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 2: Sababu za Kupungua kwa Wanyamapori Tanzania (544.26 KB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 3: Kukuza Maduhuli kutokana na Matumizi Endelevu ya Wanyamapori (1.25 MB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 4: Usimamizi wa Wanyamapori na Kupunguza Umaskini  (839.36 KB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 5: Kuwianisha Wanyamapori na Maslahi ya Jamii: Umuhimu wa Kushirikisha Sekta Mbalimbali (575.19 KB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 6: Desturi Nzuri za Usimamizi wa Wanyamapori - Kujifunza kutoka katika Kanda (754.36 KB)PDF icon Chapisho Na. 7: Mapendekezo ya Kisera kwa Kuendeleza Wanyamapori Tanzania (446.94 KB)PDF icon Rejea (270.54 KB)PDF icon Muhtasari (759.92 KB)PDF icon KITINI - Wanyamapori kwa watanzania wote: Kusimamisha upotevu, kuendeleza raslimali na kupanua mafao (2.7 MB)
Wildlife Corridors And Buffer Zones In Tanzania: Political Willpower and Wildlife Management in Tanzania, , April 1999, p.10, (1999) PDF icon Wildlife Corridors And Buffer Zones In Tanzania: Political Willpower and Wildlife Management in Tanzania (60.45 KB)
The Wildlife Conservation ( Wildllife Management Areas ) Regulations,2002, , Dar es salaam, (2002)
Wildlife conservation (mkungunero game reserve) (declaration), , (1996)
Wildlife Conservation (Mkungunero Game Reserve) (Declaration), , (In Press)