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African Wildlife - News, , (2000)
Amplifying local voices striving for environmental justice: Proceedings of the African public interest law and community-based property rights workshop, , (2000)
AWF Heartland Conservation Planning Report: Participatory Scoping Meeting Kilimanjaro Heartland, , 18/12/2000, (2000)
Can Africa Claim The 21st Century?, , (2000)
The Case of Duru-Haitemba Community-Based Forest Management Project Babati District Arusha Region Tanzania;, , (2000)
The Case Of The Serengeti Regional Conservation Strategy Serengeti District Arusha Region Tanzania:, , (2000)
Community Based Conservation Experience in Tanzania: An Assessment of Lessons Learned, , (2000)
Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) in Botswana:, , (2000)
The conflicts of legislations and collision of jurisdictions:, , (2000)
Conservation of Wildlife Outside Core Wildlife Protected Areas in the New Millennium:, , 13/12/2000, (2000)
Economic opportunities in wildlife management areas, , (2000)
Environmental Law Handbook, , (2000)
Field visit report to West Kilimanjaro, , 22/01/2000, (2000)
Global Warming : Hotting up in the Hague:, , 18/11/2000, (2000)
Hunting and its Benefits:, , (2000)
The Hydrogen Experiment, , (2000)
The Landscape Ecology of Pastoral Herding: Spatial analysis of Land Use and Livestock Production in East Africa, , 2000, p.560, (2000) PDF icon E-INFO_HU.ECOL_Coppolillo.P_2000a_The_Landscape_Ecology_of_Pastoral_Herding-Spatial_Analysis_of_Land_Use_and_Livestock_Production_in_East_Africa.pdf (259.54 KB)
The limited potential of ecotourism to contribute to wildlife conservation;, , Wildlife Society Bulletin, Volume 28, Issue Paper No. , p.61-69, (2000)
A Manual for The Database of Community Based Projects in East Africa, , (2000)
Mbomipa Project Idodi and Pawaga Division Iringa Region Tanzania and Selous Conservation Program Songea and Morogoro Districts Ruvuma and Morogoro Regions Tanzania: SCF-Office, , (2000)
National Human Settlements Development Policy 2002, , (2000) PDF icon E-URT_POLICIES_National_Human_Settlements_Development_Policy_2000.pdf (3.64 MB)
The Newsletter of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania:, , Issue No. 21, (2000)
On-Farm Forest Product is Marketing and Information System:, , Nairobi Kenya, (2000)
Proceedings of the national workshop on the draft forests bill 2000: Held at the Kenya College of communication technology (KCCT) on 24th august.2000, , (2000)
Projects of the Human-Elephant Conflict Taskforce (HETF)-Result and Recommendations, , Volume No. 28, (2000)