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Contentious Politics Local Governance and the self, , Issue No 129, (2004)
The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977, , 30/04/1998, (1998)
Considering Trade Policies for Liquid Biofuels, , (2007) PDF icon Considering Trade Policies for Liquid Biofuels (555.17 KB)
Conserving Wildlife Protecting Land and Empowering People, , (2003)
Conserving Tropical Biodiversity amid Weak Institutions, , Bio Science, Volume Vol. 51, Issue Paper no. , USA, (2001)
Conserving the African Wild dog Lycaon pictus. I. Diagnosing and treating causes of decline, , Oryx, 01/10/1998, Volume 33, p.132-142, (1998)
Conservation Workshop Report, , 09/06/2003, Arusha - Tanzania, (2003)
Conservation With Development? The Case of Mkomazi Tanzania:, , (1997)
Conservation of Wildlife Outside Core Wildlife Protected Areas in the New Millennium:, , 13/12/2000, (2000)
Conservation of the Kilimanjaro ecosystem threatened by its own migration corridors, , Namanga - Kenya, (In Press)
Conservation Myths, Political Realities, and the Proliferation of Protected Areas, , African Environment Lecture,African Environments Programme, Oxford university centre for the Environment, p.23, (2006)
Conservation before the Crisis - An Opportunity in Gabon:, , Volume Vol. 24, Issue No. 01, (1990)
Conservation Attitudes of Village Living Next to the Selous Game Reserve:, , (1998)
Conservation and the Environment in Namibia, , (2005)
Conservation and poverty: The Case of Amani Nature Reserve, , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (2001)
Conservation and Development Interventions at the Wildlife/Livestock Interface: Implications for Wildlife,Livestock and Human Health, , 2005, p.239, (2005) PDF icon E-INFO_Osofsky.S.ed_._2006_Conservation_and_Development_Interventions_at_the_WildlifeLivestock_Interface_IUCN_Occ_Paper_30.pdf (0 bytes)
Conservation and development interventions at the wildlife/livestock interface, , Occasional paper of the IUCN species survival commission, Volume 30, (2006)
Consequences of Different Forms of Conservation for Large Mammals in Tanzania: Preliminary Analyses:, , Volume Vol. 36, p.303-320, (1998)
Confronting the coral reef crisis, , Highlights, 24/06/2004, (2004)
The conflicts of legislations and collision of jurisdictions:, , (2000)
Confidential: Tourism Hunting Section of Wildlife Department of Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism of United Republic of Tanzania, , Volume Report # 3, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (1997)
The Conditions for Effective Mechanism of Compensation and Rewards for Environmental Services, , Number 38, Nairobi, Kenya, (2007)
A Concept Note for a SEA Road Show Initiative in Tanzania, , (2009) PDF icon A Concept Note for a SEA Road Show Initiative in Tanzania (52.82 KB)
"A Complete Education?" Observation about the state of Primary Education in Tanzania in 2005, , (2005)
A Comparative Study of Land Tenure Reform in Four Countries: Uganda,Tanzania,Malawi and Kenya, , December 2002, p.39, (2002) PDF icon E-INFO_LADDER_Cross.A_2002_Comparative_Study_of_Land_Tenure_Reform_in_Four_Countries-Uganda_Tanzania_Malawi_Kenya.pdf (114.63 KB)