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Bridging the Gap: Linking Timber Trade with Infrastructural Development in Southern Tanzania - Baseline data before completion of Mkapa Bridge, , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (2005)
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Azimio La Uhai:, , 16/05/1997, (1997)
AWF Heartland Conservation Planning Report: Participatory Scoping Meeting Kilimanjaro Heartland, , 18/12/2000, (2000)
Assessment of Sport Hunting in the Game Reserves in the Kagera Region of Tanzania, , (In Press)
An Assessment of Depredation By Lions And Other Predators In The Group Ranches Adjacent To Masai Mara National Reserve:, , (1994)
Assessment of Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Tanzania:, , (In Press)
Annotated discussion draft of proposed National Parks Act, , (1997)
An analysis of avifauna-resource relationship on the Serengeti plains, , 07/07/1981, Volume 52, Issue 02, p.111-127, (1981)
The Almanac, , (2005)
Aid Industrialization and Economic Development in Tanzania: Some New Ideas and Old Debates:, , No. 004, Dar es Salaam Tanzania., (1997)
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The Africa Commission Report: What about the Politics?, , (In Press)
"Advocating for Law Reforms", , (2002)