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Enhanced Protection Status Improves Mt. Kenya Forests:, , (2003)
Energy Policy of Tanzania 1990, , (1990) PDF icon E-URT_POLICIES_Energy_Policy_of_Tanzania_1990.pdf (3.9 MB)
Enemies of Conservation Range, , (2006) PDF icon E-INFO_Enemies_of_Conservation_Range_Mag_2006.pdf (742.9 KB)
Endeleza hifadhi : 15 years of conservation & development in Tanzania, , Endeleza hifadhi, (2005)
Endeleza Hifadhi, , Arusha, Tanzania, (2005)
Emergent or Illusory? Community Wildlife Management in Tanzania, , Number 146, London - UK, (2007)
Emergent or Illusory? Community Wildlife Management in Tanzania, , July 2007, p.38, (2007) PDF icon E-INFO_IIED_Nelson.F_2007_Emergent_or_illusory-Community_wildlife_management_in_Tanzania.pdf (708.4 KB)
Elimu inayofaa ni ipi?, , Dar es salaam, (2007)
Elimu, Demokrasia, Utawala bora na Haki za Binadamu Tanzania: Picha halisi ni Ipi?, , Dar es salaam, (2007)
Elephant Buffalo and Key Livestock Wet season Aerial Count in the Maasai Mara National Park Reserve and the Adjacent Area:, , (1998)
Effects of Elephant Activities on Forest Plantations in the Kilimanjaro Forest-game Reserve in Northern Tanzania:, , Volume Vol. 26, p.405-410, (1975)
Effect of Burning and Herb ivory on an East African Savanna System:, , (In Press)
Education in the wetlands and wetlands in the education: a case of contextualizing primary/basic education in Tanzania, , (2007) PDF icon Thesis: Education in the wetlands and wetlands in the education (Tanzania, 2007) (2.68 MB)
Ecotourism's Support of Biodiversity Conservation, , Conservation biology, Volume 12, Issue No. 06, p.1399-1404, (1998)
Ecotourism and sustainable development in Kenya : The proceedings of the Kenya ecotourism workshop held September 13-171992, , 17/09/1992, Nairobi Kenya., (1992)
Ecotourism: A Development Solution? The Case of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania:, , 13/10/2003, (2003)
Ecosystem interactions : implications for human welfare and wildlife conservation, , (2001)
Economic reforms and poverty alleviation in Tanzania:, , Issue Paper No. , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (1997)
Economic opportunities in wildlife management areas, , (2000)
Economic Feasibility and Business Plan 2007-2016, , Wami Mbiki Society Wildlife Management Area, Morogoro, (2007)
Economic Evaluation of Communal Rangelands in Botswana: A Case Study, , February 1998, p.62, (1998) PDF icon E-INFO_CREED_Arntzen.J_1998_Economic_valuation_of_communal_rangelands_in_Botswana-A_case_study.pdf (373.5 KB)
Ecology of Pastoralism in Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania:, , 14/05/1986, (1986)
Ecology of a Grazing Ecosystem: The Serengeti, , 02/11/1984, Volume 55, Issue No. 03, p.259-294, (1984)
Ecological Changes in the Usangu Plains and Their Implications on the Down Stream Flow of the Great Ruaha River in Tanzania, , September 1996, Number 99, p.23, (1996)
Eastern ARC Mountains and East African Coastal Forest Mosaic Biodiversity Hot sport, , 09/03/2003, (2003)