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Equids: Zebras Asses and horses, , United Kingdom, (2002)
Equity Implications of Health sector Use fees in Tanzania. Do we retain the user fee or do we set the user for fee?, , Analysis of literature and stakeholders views, (2004)
Estimating the economic significance of pastoralism: The example of the "Nyama Choma" sector in Tanzania, , Nakuru Kenya., (2006)
Evaluating governance handbook to accompany a participatory process for a protected area, , (2003)
An Evaluation of Cullman and Hurt Community Wildlife Project Tanzania, , July 2001, p.45, (2001) PDF icon E-INFO_ClarkeJE_2001_An_Evaluation_of_The_Cullman_&_Hurt_Community_Wildlife_Project_Tanzania.pdf (291.08 KB)
The False Promise of Biofuels, , (2007) PDF icon The False Promise of Biofuels (440.92 KB)
Farmers Crop Varieties biodiversity conservation and food security in Ethiopia, , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia., (2003)
Final Evaluation Report - Mama Misitu Campaign, , Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland, 01/2010, Dar es Salaam, (2010) PDF icon Click here to download the Mama Misitu Evaluation Report by UDSM - January 2010 (405.83 KB)
Final Report - Designing Independent Monitoring of Forest Law and Governance in Tanzania, , Tanzania Forest Working Group, 10/2009, Dar es Salaam, (2009) PDF icon E-INFO-TFWG-HTSPE_Designing_IM_FLEG_in_Tanzania_Final_Report_October2009.pdf (1.89 MB)PDF icon E-INFO-TFWG-HTSPE_Designing_IM_FLEG_in_Tanzania_Final_Report_Appendix_1_Proposed_TOR.pdf (145.93 KB)PDF icon E-INFO-TFWG-HTSPE_Designing_IM_FLEG_in_Tanzania_Final_Report_October2009_Appendix_3_List_of_Persons_met_September_2009.pdf (67.66 KB)PDF icon E-INFO-TFWG-HTSPE_Designing_IM_FLEG_in_Tanzania_Final_Report_October2009_Appendix_4_List_of_Documents.pdf (58.99 KB)PDF icon E-INFO-TFWG-HTSPE_Designing_IM_FLEG_in_Tanzania_Final_Report_October2009_Appendix_2_Final_Dummy_Field_Mission_Report_Oct_2009.pdf (1.1 MB)
Final report of the Review of CBNRM - Botswana, , Volume 1: Main Fi, (2003)
Financial and Livelihood impacts of Il Ngwesi Lodge, Mukogodo, , Laikipia District in Kenya., (1998)
Financial Review of the Mama Misitu Advocacy Campaign, , Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland, 02/2010, Dar es Salaam, (2010) PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_February_2010.pdf (341.8 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Comments_on_Draft_Finance_Review_of_Mama_Misitu_February_2010.pdf (57.59 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_I_February_2010.pdf (106.43 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_II_February_2010.pdf (7.9 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IIA_Cash_and_bank_analysis_February_2010.pdf (8.7 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IIB_MM_Bank_account_balances_February_2010.pdf (8.26 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IIC_Funds_received_February_2010.pdf (8.28 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_III_February_2010.pdf (17.03 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IV_Fixed_Asset_Register_February_2010.pdf (10.83 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_V_Budget_Analysis_July2008-Dec2009_February_2010.pdf (16.07 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_VI_Advocacy_Purchases_February_2010.pdf (8.87 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_VII_All_Seminars_and_Workshops_February_2010.pdf (12.04 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_VIII_Selected_Seminars_and_WorkshopsFebruary_2010.pdf (11.65 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IX_Checklist_Areas_Reviewed_February_2010.pdf (38.32 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_X_List_of_people_interviewed_February_2010.pdf (25.61 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_XI_List_of_Documents_Reviewed_February_2010.pdf (8.36 KB)
Financing,Revenue-Sharing, and Taxation Issues in Wildlife Management Areas, , October 2001, p.58, (2001) PDF icon E-INFO_Mabugu.R_Mugoya.p_2001_Financing,_Revenue-Sharing,_and_Taxation_Issues_in_Wildlife_Management_Areas.pdf (333.33 KB)
Financing,Revenue-Sharing, and Taxation Issues in Wildlife Management Areas, , USAID, October 2001, (2001) PDF icon E-INFO_USAID_October_2001_Financing_Revenue-Sharing_and_Taxation_Issues_in_Wildlife_Management_Areas.pdf (333.33 KB)
Fisheries Discussion Paper, , Dar es salaam Tanzania, (2006) PDF icon E-INFO_16.03.06.DPG_Fisheries_Sector_Brief_Final.pdf (98.84 KB)
Ford foundation annual report 2003, , (2003)
The Ford Foundation - Delivering on a Promise to Advance Human Welfare: Annual Report 2006 , , p.178, (2006)
Foreign aid grassroots participation and poverty alleviation in Tanzania: the hesawa fiasco, , Volume no.00.1, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (1999)
Forest Governance and Law Enforcement Findings from the Field, , (2010) PDF icon Forest_Governance_and_Law_Enforcement_Findings_from_the_Field.pdf (1016.95 KB)
Forest governance change and climate change -- Report of a Learning Event held in Bali, Indonesia 1st - 4th December 2009, , International Institute for Environment and Development, 01/2010, London, (2010)
Forestry Discussion Paper, , p.6, (2006) PDF icon E-INFO_16.03.06.DPG_Forest_Sector_Policy_Brief_Final.pdf (113.92 KB)
Forestry,Governance and National Development: Lessons Learned fron a Logging Boom in Southern Tanzania , , 2007, p.256, (2007) PDF icon E-INFO_TRAFFIC_Illegal_logging_in_Tanzania-Full_Report.pdf (4.85 MB)PDF icon E-INFO_TRAFFIC_Illegal_Logging_in_Tanzania-Summary.pdf (0 bytes)
Framework for analysing pastoralism value chains in Northern Tanzania, , Drylands Programme in partnership with Rangelands and Livelihoods Task Force, Edinburgh, UK, (2008) PDF icon E-TNRF-RLTF_Livestock_value_chain_round-table_discussion_27-28_02_08.pdf (72.66 KB)
The Freedom Association in Tanzania: Implications for Civil Society and Sustainable Development., , November 1997, p.7, (1997) PDF icon E-INFO_LEAT_Nshala.R_1997_The_Freedom_of_Assocication_in_Tanzania-Implications_for_Civil_Society_and_Sustainable_Development.pdf (0 bytes)
From Exclusion to Ownership? Challenges and Opportunities in Advancing Forest Tenure Reform, , Rights and Resources Initiative, (2008) PDF icon From Exclusion to Ownership? Challenges and Opportunities in Advancing Forest Tenure Reform (657.04 KB)