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Report of the UNESCO Mission to Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) December 2008, , UNESCO, 12/2008, (2008) PDF icon E-INFO-UNESCO_NCAA_Mission_Report_dec_2008.pdf (717.46 KB)
Report on a Workshop on Land & Natural Resources Laws & Policies, Held in Arusha April 2002, , Tanzania Association of Foresters, Sand County Foundation, Tazama Trust Community Resource Team, Legal & Human Rights Centre, Community Research and Development Services, (2002)
A Report on Eviction and Resettlement of Pastoralist from Ihefu and Usangu-Mbarali District to Kilwa and Lindi Districts, , Pingo's Forum, p.28, (2007)
Report on meeting to develop framework for analysing pastoralism value chains in Northern Tanzania, , (2008)
Report on MJUMITA Annual General Meeting, , (2008) PDF icon E-TNRF_TFWG_Report_on_MJUMITA_AGM.pdf (54.8 KB)
A Report on Participatory Rural Appraisal :, , (In Press)
Report on the FBD's Stakeholder Review of the National Forestry Policy (Zero Draft), , (2008) PDF icon E-TNRF_TFWG_Report_on_FBD_Review_of_National_Forestry_Policy.pdf (49.38 KB)
Report on the Latin American Regional Workshop on Compensation for Environmental Services and Poverty Alleviation in Latin America, , Number 33, Nairobi, Kenya, (2007)
Report on the Pilot Phase of the Mama Misitu Campaign, , (2010) PDF icon Click here to download the Mama Misitu Pilot Phase Report - January 2010 (233.44 KB)
Report on the Roundtable Discussion on Pastoralism-Arusha, Tanzania at Impala Hotel from 28th - 29th July 2003, , Pastoralist Indigenous Non Governmental Organization's Forum, p.14, (2003)
Research on decentralization within Kondoa District, , (In Press)
Resource Mismanagement and the Misery of Pastoralist in Usangu Basin, , PINGOS Forum, April,2006, p.19, (2006)
Resource Tenure and Power Relations in Community Wildlife Contexts:, , Issue Paper No. , (2000)
Response to Public Consultation Exercise Energy and Transport Directorate-General on Biofuel issues in the new legislation on the promotion of renewable energy, , Africa Biodiversity Network, (2007) PDF icon Response to Public Consultation Exercise Energy and Transport Directorate-General on Biofuel issues in the new legislation on the promotion of renewable energy (38.91 KB)
Rethinking Community - Based Conservation, , February 2003, p.10, (2003) PDF icon E-INFO_CONS_BIOL_Berkes.F_2003_Rethinking_Community-based_Conservation.pdf (368.84 KB)
Rethinking wildlife for livelihoods and diversification in rural Tanzania: a case study from northern Selous, , Issue Paper No. , (2002)
Rethinking Wildlife for Livelihoods and Diversification in the Rural Tanzania: A case study from Northern selous, , march 2002, p.60, (2002) PDF icon E-INFO_Ashley.C_2002_Rethinking_wildlife_for_livelihoods_and_diversification_in_rural_Tanzaniaa_case_study_from_northern_Selous.pdf (220.11 KB)
Review and harmonization of wildlife laws and regulation in Tanzania, , 01/01/2000, (2000)
Review Of Property And Business Formalisation Programme In Tanzania, , 16/10/2005, (2005)
Review of the Decentralization Process and its Impact on Environmental and Natural Resources Management in Tanzania, , November 2001, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania, p.29, (2001) Microsoft Office document icon E-INFO_LEAT_Mniwasa.E_Shauri.V_2001_Review_of_the_Decentralization_Process_and_its_Impact_on_Environmental_and_Natural_Resources_Management_in_Tanzania.doc (0 bytes)
Review of the Decentralization Process and it's impact on environment and natural resources management in Tanzania, , Dar es salaam Tanzania, (2001)
A Review of the Wildlife Sector In Tanzania, , (1995)
A Review of the Wildlife Sector in Tanzania, , 31/03/1995, Volume Vol. 02, (1995)
Revised Profile for the Revitalization of the Informal Discussion Group on the Environment (IDGE), , (2009) PDF icon E-INFO-IDGE_Profile_Revitalized_13_10_09.pdf (31.7 KB)