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1990’s Tanzania Land Laws Reforms and its Impact on the Pastoralist Land Tenure, , (2010) PDF icon E-INFO_LHRC_New_Land_Laws_Paper_Pastoral_Week_2010.pdf (486.98 KB)
Dispatches on Adaptation, , (2010) PDF icon Dispatches_on_Adaptation (689.07 KB)
Final Evaluation Report - Mama Misitu Campaign, , Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland, 01/2010, Dar es Salaam, (2010) PDF icon Click here to download the Mama Misitu Evaluation Report by UDSM - January 2010 (405.83 KB)
Financial Review of the Mama Misitu Advocacy Campaign, , Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland, 02/2010, Dar es Salaam, (2010) PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_February_2010.pdf (341.8 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Comments_on_Draft_Finance_Review_of_Mama_Misitu_February_2010.pdf (57.59 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_I_February_2010.pdf (106.43 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_II_February_2010.pdf (7.9 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IIA_Cash_and_bank_analysis_February_2010.pdf (8.7 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IIB_MM_Bank_account_balances_February_2010.pdf (8.26 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IIC_Funds_received_February_2010.pdf (8.28 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_III_February_2010.pdf (17.03 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IV_Fixed_Asset_Register_February_2010.pdf (10.83 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_V_Budget_Analysis_July2008-Dec2009_February_2010.pdf (16.07 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_VI_Advocacy_Purchases_February_2010.pdf (8.87 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_VII_All_Seminars_and_Workshops_February_2010.pdf (12.04 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_VIII_Selected_Seminars_and_WorkshopsFebruary_2010.pdf (11.65 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_IX_Checklist_Areas_Reviewed_February_2010.pdf (38.32 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_X_List_of_people_interviewed_February_2010.pdf (25.61 KB)PDF icon E-INFO_MFAF_EY_Mama_Misitu_Financial_Review_Appendix_XI_List_of_Documents_Reviewed_February_2010.pdf (8.36 KB)
Forest Governance and Law Enforcement Findings from the Field, , (2010) PDF icon Forest_Governance_and_Law_Enforcement_Findings_from_the_Field.pdf (1016.95 KB)
Forest governance change and climate change -- Report of a Learning Event held in Bali, Indonesia 1st - 4th December 2009, , International Institute for Environment and Development, 01/2010, London, (2010)
How proposed port project will wipe out, , (2010)
Investing in partnership: Agricultural investment and collaborative business models, , (2010) PDF icon Maputo workshop-report - proof.pdf (1.38 MB)
The IUCN Forest Conservation Programme Newsletter Issue 42, , (2010) PDF icon Forest News English version 005.PDF (1.19 MB)
KEY POINTS ON DYNAMITE FISHING FOR MWANZA MEETING, , (2010) PDF icon E-INFO_Dynamite_Fishing_keypoints.pdf (52.25 KB)
Land Rights Concerns in Tanzania: The Case of Mwambani Harbour and Development Plans, , (2010) PDF icon MWAMBANI DOSSIER November 2010.pdf (579.7 KB)
MKUHUMI, , (2010) PDF icon REDDa_website.pdf (1.26 MB)
Op-ed response, The Citizen, Professor Pius Yanda, , (2010) PDF icon Clarification.pdf (779.94 KB)
Options for REDD in Tanzania Key Design Issues for the National REDD Strategy, , (2010) PDF icon REDD_in_TZ_Key_Issues_July_2010.pdf (582.86 KB)
Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa: Securing, Protecting and Improving the Lives, Livelihood and Rights of Pastoralist Communities., , (2010) PDF icon policy framework for pastoralism final.pdf (254 KB)
Recommendations from Tanzanian Civil Society Organisations for Tanzania’s National REDD Strategy, , (2010) PDF icon Recommendation for the National REDD Strategy.pdf (657.15 KB)
REDD Tanzania Presentation SADC side-event , , (2010) PDF icon REDD_Tanzania_Presentation_SADC_side-event_2_Dec.pdf (532.38 KB)
Report: 4th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change, , IISD and IIED, Winnipeg, (2010)
Report on the Pilot Phase of the Mama Misitu Campaign, , (2010) PDF icon Click here to download the Mama Misitu Pilot Phase Report - January 2010 (233.44 KB)
Tanzania CSO Position for Cancun, , (2010) PDF icon TZ_CSO_Position_for_Cancun.pdf (4.96 MB)
Tanzania Food Security Update February 2010, , FEWS; USAID, 02/2010, (2010) PDF icon E-INFO-USAID_Tanzania_Food_Security_Update_February_2010.pdf (1.09 MB)
Tanzania Food Security Update March 2010, , Famine Early Warning Systems Network; USAID, 03/2010, (2010) PDF icon E-INFO_USAID_Tanzania_Food_Security_Update_March_2010_final.pdf (1.09 MB)