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Devolution of property rights in wildlife removing bureauratic obstacles to effective Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Tanzania, , 26/07/2005, (2005)
DFID Linking Policy and Practice in Biodiversity Wildlife Issues Paper, , 06/10/1998, (1998)
Do All Peasant Farmers Look Alike? The Socio-economic Context for Community Wildlife Management around the Selous Game Reserve Tanzania:, , (1997)
Do national Parks Have a Future in Africa?, , (In Press)
Documentation of Ideas and Strategies Discussed at a Workshop Held in Bagamoyo in Operational zing the CBC Aspects of Wildlife Policy, , Issue No. 12, (1999)
Draft General Management Plan - Tarangire National Park:, , (2001)
The East African Sub-regional Project, , Volume 6, (In Press)
Eastern ARC Mountains and East African Coastal Forest Mosaic Biodiversity Hot sport, , 09/03/2003, (2003)
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Ecology of Pastoralism in Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania:, , 14/05/1986, (1986)
Economic reforms and poverty alleviation in Tanzania:, , Issue Paper No. , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (1997)
Ecotourism: A Development Solution? The Case of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania:, , 13/10/2003, (2003)
Effect of Burning and Herb ivory on an East African Savanna System:, , (In Press)
Effects of Elephant Activities on Forest Plantations in the Kilimanjaro Forest-game Reserve in Northern Tanzania:, , Volume Vol. 26, p.405-410, (1975)
Elephant Buffalo and Key Livestock Wet season Aerial Count in the Maasai Mara National Park Reserve and the Adjacent Area:, , (1998)
Endeleza hifadhi : 15 years of conservation & development in Tanzania, , Endeleza hifadhi, (2005)
Enhanced Protection Status Improves Mt. Kenya Forests:, , (2003)
Entering the 21st Century World Development Report 1999/2000, , New York USA, (In Press)
Environment and Natural Resources, , Issue Number 2, (2005)
Environment- Chapter 11:, , (In Press)
Environmental Law Handbook, , (2000)
The Ethics of Hunting, , (In Press)
An Evaluation of the Cullman & Hurt Community Wildlife Project Tanzania:, , 01/07/2001, (2001)
Field Sports and Conservation in the United Kingdom:, , 29/05/2003, (2003)
Focusing on the Next Generation of Environmental Activism, , 12/05/2003, (2003)