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Human population growth and wildlife conservation in East Africa, , United States Department of Agriculture, (2001)
Human Rights Repression Report: Freedom of expression, , (2001)
The Impact of Wildlife - Based Enterprises on Local Livelihoods and Conservation in Tanzania:, , (2001)
Integrating Conservation and Development Experience, , A review and bibliography of the ICDP literature, Issue No. 3, London, (2001)
Land people and forests in eastern and southern Africa at the beginning of the 21st century : The impact of land relations on the role of communities in forest future, , (2001)
Land,People and Forests in Eastern and Southern Africa at the Beginning of the 21st Century: The Impact of Land Relations on the Role of Communities in Forest Future, , p.313, (2001)
The Landscape Species Approach- A Tool for Site Based Conservation, , Number 2, (2001)
Lawyers' environmental action team - strategic plan 2002 - 2006, , 08/12/2001, (2001)
Long -Term Changes in Serengeti -Mara Wildebeest and Land Cover: Pastoralism Population or Policies ? :, , 02/02/2001, Volume Vol. 98, Issue No. 22, p.12544-12549, (2001)
A magazine of science technology and the environment : Valuation of forest resources in east Africa, , Innovation, Volume Vol. 08, Issue No 02, In Nairobi Kenya, (2001)
Managing the Relationship Between Wildlife and People in Village Open Land, , (2001)
Mid - Term Review of LIFE-II and Assessment of the Namibia National CBNRM Programme, , (2001)
Natural Resources in Tanzania:, , 11/06/2001, (2001)
The Operationalisation Of The Concept Of Wildlife Management Area In The Tourism Hunting Industry, , 08/06/2001, (2001)
Partnership Options for Resources Use Innovation (PORI) Project, , (2001)
Pastoralist Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization, , (2001)
President Mkapa, , Issue No. 68, (2001)
Quarterly Economic Review:, , Volume Vol. 04, Issue No. 03, (2001)
Regional administration and local government Monduli district council : Three year development plan 2002-2004 for green sector, , (2001)
Regulating the Hunting Industry in Tanzania, , November 2001, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania, p.25, (2001) Microsoft Office document icon E-INFO_LEAT_Majamba.H_2001_Regulating_the_Hunting_Industry_in_Tanzania-Reflections_on_the_Legislative,_Institutional_and_Policy-Making_Frameworks.doc (0 bytes)
Review of the Decentralization Process and its Impact on Environmental and Natural Resources Management in Tanzania, , November 2001, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania, p.29, (2001) Microsoft Office document icon E-INFO_LEAT_Mniwasa.E_Shauri.V_2001_Review_of_the_Decentralization_Process_and_its_Impact_on_Environmental_and_Natural_Resources_Management_in_Tanzania.doc (0 bytes)
Review of the Decentralization Process and it's impact on environment and natural resources management in Tanzania, , Dar es salaam Tanzania, (2001)
The Role of Pupils in School Governance, , Dar es salaam, (2001)
Rural Development Strategy:, , 30/10/2001, (2001)
Rural development strategy for Tanzania: Final draft: Main report, , (2001)