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Azimio La Uhai:, , 16/05/1997, (1997)
Basic Assessment of Benefits and Costs Sharing And Other Issues Affecting Joint Forest Management (JFM) and Community Based Forest Management(CBFM), , (2001)
Benign Neglect: A Model of Faunal Collapse in the Game Reserve of East Africa:, , Volume Vol. 15, England, (1979)
Biodiversity conservation and development in Mkomazi game reserve in Tanzania, , Global Ecology and Biogeography, Volume 08, p.301-313, (1999)
Biodiversity Management in Rural Development, , Tanzania, (In Press)
The Biology of Pastoral Man as a Factor in Conservation, , Volume Vol. 03, Issue No. 02, England, (1971)
The Bradley Fund for The Environment, , (In Press)
Bridging the Gap: Linking timber trade with infrastructural development in Southern Tanzania - Baseline data before completion of Mkapa Bridge, , (2005)
Bridging the Gap: Linking Timber Trade with Infrastructural Development in Southern Tanzania - Baseline data before completion of Mkapa Bridge, , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (2005)
Building a Future With our Forests, , (In Press)
Bulletin (The Quivira Coalition), , (2004)
Bush meat Exploitation in Tropical Forests: and Intercontinental Comparison:, , Volume Vol. 16, Issue No. 01, p.232-237, (2002)
Calling The Shots-On Poaching and Elephant:, , 13/05/2003, (2003)
Can Africa Claim The 21st Century?, , (2000)
Can Wildlife Pay Its Way? :, , Volume Vol. 28, Issue No. 03, (1994)
The Case of Duru-Haitemba Community-Based Forest Management Project Babati District Arusha Region Tanzania;, , (2000)
The Case Of The Serengeti Regional Conservation Strategy Serengeti District Arusha Region Tanzania:, , (2000)
The Challenge of Community-based Protected Area Management: -(SCF-TZ, , Volume 12, Issue No. 02, (2002)
Chapter 7: Marketing Hunting and Photographic Conservation In Communal Areas:, , (In Press)
Chapter 8: Planning For Tourism Development: The Marketing Mix Approach - Basic Check List:, , (In Press)
Civil Society Influence on Biodiversity-Poverty Linkages in Tanzania: Information Flows Communication and Policy Influence:, , (2003)
Civil Society Law enforcement and forest Governance in Africa, , (In Press)
Closing Year 2008 and Starting Year 2009, , (2008) PDF icon The Tanzania Forestry Working Group in 2008 (23.84 KB)
Collaborative Reef and Reef Fisheries Management in Tanga, , (2001)
Communities Conservation and Conflicts in the Tanzania Serengeti, , 17/10/2003, (2003)