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The Debate on Elephant Culling in South Africa - An Overview, , (2005) PDF icon "The Debate on Elephant Culling in South Africa - An Overview" by Mike Cadman (IFAW) (1.63 MB)
A Debate on the Wildlife Act 2008: Do Current Wildlife Conservation Policy and Law Address Economic and Livelihood Issues for All Tanzanians?, , (2008) PDF icon A Debate on the Wildlife Act 2008: Do Current Wildlife Conservation Policy and Law Address Economic and Livelihood Issues for All Tanzanians? (316.63 KB)
Debating Constitutional Amendments in Tanzania, , Dar es salaam, (2006)
The Debt Crisis in the LDCs:, , No. 011, (1998)
Decentralisation and Community - based Nature Resource Management in Tanzania-The Case of Local Governance and Community - Based Conservation in Districts around the Selous Game Reserve, , 2002, p.97, (2002) PDF icon E-INFO_Junge.H_2002_Decentralisation_and_CBNRM_in_Tanzania–The_Case_of_Local_Governance_and_CBC_around_the_Selous_Game_Reserve.pdf (0 bytes)
Decentralization and biodiversity conservation, , Washington DC - U.S.A, (1996)
Decentralized Rural Electrification through SVOs Powered Multifunctional Platforms, Lessons and Experience from TaTEDO Pilot Project, , (2008) PDF icon E-INFO-TaTEDO_Decentralized_Rural_Electrification_through_SVOs_Powered_Multifunctional_Platforms_ENSawe_2008.pdf (306.95 KB)
Deep Sea Fishing Authority Act 1998, , (1998) PDF icon E-URT_LAWS_Deep_Sea_Fishing_Authority_Act_1998.pdf (170.08 KB)
Deep Sea Fishing Authority (Amendment) Act, 2008, , (2008) PDF icon Deep Sea Fishing Authority (Amendment) Act, 2008 (276.85 KB)
Deforestation and Property Rights in Latin America:, , (1997)
Demokrasia katiba na wewe, , (In Press)
Demokrasia Katiba na Wewe:, , (In Press)
Dependency on Forests and Trees for Food Security ; A Pilot Study: Nanguruwe and Mbambakofi Villages Mtwara Region Tanzania, , Uppsala - Sweden., (1994)
Desertification Drought Poverty and Agriculture: Research lesson and opportunities, , Building livelihoods saving land, 01/10/2004, (2004)
Developing commercial biofuels through securing local livelihoods and land rights, , (2009) PDF icon TNRF biofuels information brief (797.46 KB)
Development of a Strategic Framework for the Financing of Local Governments in Tanzania, , , June 2005, p.370, (2005) PDF icon E-INFO_AYSPS_2005_Development_of_a_Strategic_Framework_for_the_Financing_of_Local_Governments_in_Tanzania.pdf (1.96 MB)
Development through conservation, , Chiredzi- Zimbabwe, (2002)
The Devil in the Detail of Biodiversity Conservation:, , Volume Vol. 17, Issue No. 01, p.01-03, (2003)
Devolution of property rights in wildlife removing bureauratic obstacles to effective Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Tanzania, , 26/07/2005, (2005)
DFID Linking Policy and Practice in Biodiversity Wildlife Issues Paper, , 06/10/1998, (1998)
A Discussion Paper on Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting and Potential Applications in African Countries, , March 2002, p.54, (2002) PDF icon E-INFO_SeveJ_2002A_Discussion_Paper_on_Environmental_and_Natural_Resources-Accounting_and_Potential_Applications_in_African_Countries.pdf (136.25 KB)
Dispatches on Adaptation, , (2010) PDF icon Dispatches_on_Adaptation (689.07 KB)
Do All Peasant Farmers Look Alike? The Socio-economic Context for Community Wildlife Management around the Selous Game Reserve Tanzania:, , (1997)
Do national Parks Have a Future in Africa?, , (In Press)
Documentation of Ideas and Strategies Discussed at a Workshop Held in Bagamoyo in Operational zing the CBC Aspects of Wildlife Policy, , Issue No. 12, (1999)