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Africa: The Challenge of Transformation, , London - UK, (1994)
African Affairs : The journal of the Royal African society, , Volume Vol: 102 N, London, (2003)
African BioCarbon Background Document, , (2008) PDF icon E-INFO_BioCarbon_Background_Document.pdf (141.84 KB)
The African Elephant: Conservation and Cites:, , Volume Vol. 31, Issue No. 02, (1997)
African Elephants and Humans in Conflict: the Outlook for Co-existence:, , 07/07/1999, (1999)
The African environmental film foundation "Environmental education through film", , (2000)
African Heritage 2000: The Future of Protected Areas in Africa, , 11/10/1994, (1994)
African nomads to be first people to be wiped out by climate change, , (2006) Microsoft Office document icon African nomads to be first people wiped out by climate change (article from The Observer newspaper).doc (31.5 KB)
African Regional Workshop on Compensation for Ecosystem Services, , Number 35, Nairobi, Kenya, (2007)
African Wildlife: Must it be Subsidized?, , 2002, p.11, (2002) PDF icon E-INFO_Baldus.R_2002_ African_Wildlife_Must_It_Be_Subsidized.pdf (46.98 KB)
African Wildlife - News, , (2000)
Agenda - 7th National Forest and Beekeeping SWAp Steering Committee Meeting on 30th June 2009, , (2009) PDF icon E-INFO-FBD-Swap_Agenda_30June09.pdf (8.22 KB)
Agenda for 5th Meeting of National Forestry and Beekeeping SWAp Steering Committee February 2008, , (2008) PDF icon E-URT_NFBK_SWAP-Agenda_for_5th_NFBK_SWAp_Steering_Committee_Meeting_22_February_2008.pdf (22.15 KB)
Agenda for the Annual General Meeting 2007, , Arusha, (2008) PDF icon Agenda for TNRF Annual General Meeting 2007 (125.4 KB)
Agenda of the Meeting to Revitalize the Informal Discussion Group on the Environment - 16th October 2009, , (2009) PDF icon IDGE_16_OCT_Proposed Agenda.pdf (15.1 KB)
Agricultural and Livestock Policy, , (1997)
Agricultural and livestock policy1997, , (1997)
Agriculture and Copenhagen (Platform Issue Paper No. 8), , (2009) PDF icon Agriculture and Copenhagen (Platform Issue Paper No. 8) (104.47 KB)PDF icon Appendix: Agriculture and Copenhagen (Platform Issue Paper No. 8) (240.07 KB)
Agriculture and deforestation: What role should REDD+ and public support policies play?, , (2011) PDF icon Agriculture and deforestation REDD.pdf (251.43 KB)
Agriculture,Environment and Poverty Eradication in Tanzania, , p.159, (2005)
Agroforestry Options for Tanzania, , (2009) PDF icon Agroforestry Options for Tanzania (578.88 KB)
The Agrofuel Industry in Tanzania: A Critical Enquiry into Challenges and Opportunities, , (2008) PDF icon The Agrofuel Industry in Tanzania: A Critical Enquiry into Challenges and Opportunities (850.93 KB)
Agrofuels for Africa?, , (2008) PDF icon Agrofuels for Africa? (62.97 KB)
Aid and Corruption: A Worm's - Eye View of Donor Policies and Practices , , May 2003, p.26, (2003) Microsoft Office document icon E-INFO_Cooksey.B_2003_Aid_and_Corruption-A_Worm’s-Eye_View_of_Donor_Policies_and_Practices.doc (0 bytes)
Aid and Reform in Africa:, , (In Press)