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Maajabu Film Library, , (2008) PDF icon Maajabu Film Library (34.61 KB)PDF icon Maktaba ya Sinema ya Maajabu (51.35 KB)
The Maasai, , (In Press)
Maasai Herding: An analysis of the livestock production system of Maasai pastoralist in eastern Kajiado district Kenya, , Kajiado - Kenya, (1991)
Mafanikio ya Mradi wa Kuhifadhi Mazingira ya Bonde la Mto Kihansi, , Number 1, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, (2005)
A magazine of science technology and the environment : Valuation of forest resources in east Africa, , Innovation, Volume Vol. 08, Issue No 02, In Nairobi Kenya, (2001)
Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Drylands Development Planning in Tanzania - Q2 Highlights, , (2012) PDF icon Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Drylands Development Planning in Tanzania - Q2 Highlights (1.08 MB)
Making a killing or making a living?, , Issue Biodiversi, (2002)
Making policies work for people in Tanzania: Strategy and program proposal July 2003 to June 2006, , (2003)
MAKING RANGELANDS SECURE IN EAST AND HORN OF AFRICA, , (2012) PDF icon Rangelands Bulletin 2012.pdf (928.34 KB)
Making success work for the poor: Package tourism in Northern Tanzania, , SNV, Arusha, (2009) PDF icon E-INFO-SNV_Package_tourism_in_Northern_Tanzania_2009.pdf (697.29 KB)
Making Wildlife Pay in Northern Tanzania, , (2008)
Mama Misitu Information Pack, , (2008) PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Full_Info-pack.pdf (953.29 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_ToC.pdf (86.56 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_Preface.pdf (238.85 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_Acknowledgments.pdf (93.11 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info_pack_Policy_Environment.pdf (104.91 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_TRAFFIC_report_summary.pdf (198.91 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_FBD_Implementation.pdf (116.78 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_Approach.pdf (161.71 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_Partners.pdf (114.77 KB)PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Info-pack_References.pdf (131.18 KB)
Mama Misitu Information Pack - Full, , (2008) PDF icon E-Mama-Misitu_Full_Info-pack.pdf (953.29 KB)
Mama Misitu Media Network Nominees, , (2008) PDF icon Mama Misitu Media Network Nominees 10th September 2008 (76.26 KB)
Mama Misitu Media Workshop Agenda, , (2008) PDF icon Mama Misitu Media Workshop Agenda10th September 2008 (126.39 KB)
Mama Misitu - Pilot Implementation Project Document, , Arusha, (2008) PDF icon E_TNRF_MFAF_10-06-08_Mama_Misitu_Main Contract-Final one year project_document.pdf (605.87 KB)
Mambo ni Poa Ukijua Haki Zako, , Dar es salaam, (2007)
Mamma logy, , (1986)
The Management Of Foreign AID In Tanzania:, , Issue Paper No. , Dar es salaam, Tanzania., (1997)
Management Zone Plan / Environmental Impact Assessment:, , (1994)
Managing Africa's Natural Ecosystems,TANAPA,Frankfurt Zoological Society and Federal Ministry of the Environment Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, , Serengeti Conference May 2006, 26 june 2006, (2006) PDF icon E-INFO_Baldus.R_2006_Serengeti_Conference-Managing_Africa's_Ecosystems-Case_Study-The_Crucial_Role_of_Governance_in_Ecosystem_Management.pdf (321.8 KB)
Managing Tanzania's Economy In Transition To Sustained Development, , Issue Paper No. , Dar es Salaam Tanzania, (1997)
Managing the Marine and Coastal Environment of Sub - Saharan Africa, , p.56, (2002)
Managing the Relationship Between Wildlife and People in Village Open Land, , (2001)
A Manual for The Database of Community Based Projects in East Africa, , (2000)