REDD Photo Stories


Somoe Karume Nguyahambi Naheta

Somoe Naheta

Somoe Karume Nguyahambi Naheta is a resident of Nandambi. She is also a member of the village government.

“I was happy when our village accepted REDD pilot project to be conducted. At first, I did not know the meaning of land use plan and forests conservation. But now, I know the meaning of forest conservation, I know why and how to make best use of the land, I know how to do beekeeping and many other developments in the village are going on because of REDD project.”

REDD benefits

REDD benefits

“The money from the REDD project, helped everyone according to their needs. Personally, it helped me to pay school fees for my daughter who was selected to join secondary school. In our community here in the coastal area, if a girl does not go to school she gets married very soon and thus she will not be able to realize her dreams.”

Conserved forest

“The challenge existing here is that the nearby villages are burning our forests that we set aside in favour of conservation. Despite this, we were able to solve these problems by meeting with the responsible villages and asking them to stop burning forests.”

Rashidi Saidi Kibaba

Rashidi Kibaba

Rashidi Saidi Kibaba, is the chairman of Nandambi village. Nandambi is one of the villages that implemented REDD pilot project in Lindi Rural district.

“Through REDD pilot project we were able to get social services like dispensaries and village offices that did not exist before."

Nandambi dispensary

“Through the REDD project I was able to purchase a bicycle and a radio, things that I wished to have for a long time but I could not afford it. As of now, I use my bike to ride long distances to buy needs for my families.”

Despite the benefits of the project, Rashidi explains the project challenges. Some community members rejected the project because they did not have a clear understanding. They thought it is just another story like other parts of the country where communities have lost their land in favour of investment. Rashidi says some communities members thought the forest is going to be sold to foreigners, but as a leader, he helped educate the community about REDD. In the end, many understood and accepted the pilot project to be conducted in their village.

“My advice to people living around the forests is to preserve their forests because as we were educated we understood its profits and see the benefits of forest conservation.” - Rashidi

Mwanajuma Abdalah Mwambwa

Mwanajuma Mwambwa

“I was among the people who initially refused the project. With more awareness, I came to understand the benefits of the REDD project and now every one appreciates it. REDD is an important project that has to continue in our village of Muungano. It is beneficial as we got village offices and now meetings are being conducted indoors not outdoors like before. Through REDD we managed to build a kindergarten school, but also we have contributed school desks to our neighbouring village school.  We managed to install a water hand-pump replacing a broken one and now women are fetching water easily.”

Muungano Village Office

“My advice to Tanzanians is, if this project is brought to you, never deny it. Conserve your forests, as they are beneficial.”


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