TNRF launches 'Member Viewpoint' discussion papers

The first 'TNRF Member Viewpoint Paper' is about the planned construction of a USD400million harbour at Mwambani Bay designed to replace Tanga port, as part of the northern transport corridor development stretching from Tanga Port to Lake Natron. 'TNRF Member Viewpoint Papers' provide an opportunity for TNRF members to express a more formal professional viewpoint on a topical natural resource management issue through a short discussion paper. The purpose of this discussion paper series is to enable emerging natural resource management issues to be more widely debated and discussed openly amongst TNRF members and the general public. Port Development in the Mwambani Bay Area will likely lead to significant environmental costs caused by massive dredging and landfills and associated infrastructure, that have not even been estimated yet. The new harbour will probably have a detrimental impact on the local Coelacanth population that could become a major tourist attraction in the area. This paper sets out the economic arguments why it makes greater sense to re-invest in the existing Tanga Port rather than launching an entirely new development at major cost. Please click here to download the first TNRF Member Viewpoint paper If you would like to submit a viewpoint, please email the TNRF Secretariat at