The Village Land Act 1999 – Is it Worth Protecting?

Policy Forum Breakfast Debate
The Village Land Act 1999 recognizes land held collectively by village residents under customary law.  This gives villages the rights to the land that their residents have traditionally used and have been managed under customary principles.  The VLA 1999 is seen to contain significant elements of change providing for a devolved system of registration, titling and dispute settlement at the village level and recognition of customary tenure.  But with ongoing land disputes, many at the village level, it is worth questioning, “is the VLA worth protecting?” 
This breakfast debate will take a look an in-depth look at the Village Land Act 1999.  An expert will provide an overview of the Act itself, while another will provide an analysis of the Act – the pros and cons.  Through discussion and debate, the question will be explored – is the VLA truly pro-village?  Is it worth protecting?  Or, does it need some mending?
Mr. Yefred Myenzi, the Executive Director of HakiArdhi, will participate in thedebate, providing an expert analysis of the VLA.  Mr. Swagile Msananga from the Ministry of Lands will provide an overview of the Act.  TNRF will facilitate the debate.
30 March 2012 - 3:30am to 5:30am