Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa

Pastoralism in Africa

In October 2010 the African Union, Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, published “Policy Framework for Pastoralism in Africa: Securing, Protecting and Improving the Lives, Livelihood and Rights of Pastoralist Communities.”  This is the first continent-wide policy initiative aimed at securing, protecting and improving the lives, livelihoods and rights of African pastoralists.

The Policy Framework contains guiding and cross-cutting principles and two main objectives: 1) “Secure and protect the lives,livelihoods and rights of pastoral peoples and ensure continent-wide commitment to political, social and economic development of pastoral communities and pastoral areas;” and, 2) “Reinforce the contribution of pastoral livestock to national, regional and continent-wide economies.”

The guide states: “The African Union expects that its Member States which are in the course of or are contemplating the initiation, review, revision or comprehensive development and implementation of all or part of policies designed to ensure that their pastoral systems are fully integrated into national development processes, will find this document a useful guide.” 

Read the document here