Impact of Climate Change on Productivity
By Hasina Mjingo
Daily News 31st Dec 2011
THE lack of climate change policy in the country has left us a great sense of urgency generated through the media and scientific reports. Climate Change is now widely recognized as everyone's business. It has become more than an environmental issue and all people and sectors are affected. 
Saturday, 26 November 2011

Several years ago, many communities in rural Africa held big parties  to celebrate successful harvests. The parties were followed by a couple of rest days, as a deserved break from tedious farm work.
Besides constituting a self-congratulatory affair, the parties also  availed villagers a seasonal chance  for consolidating  community camaraderie.
Joy was not manifested solely by eating, drinking ,  singing and dancing, but in the certainty that, after a specific period, in specific cycles, the celebrants would assemble for successive celebrations . This is because weather patterns were consistent; and as such, the time for planting seeds, tending them, ripening, and harvesting, were known in advance.

Climate change alarm bells ring ever louder
The Citizen 26th Nov 2011
Dar es Salaam.Ten farmers, hunters and pastoralists from around the country gathered in the conference hall of the United Nations in Dar es Salaam last week to share experiences with and concerns about a changing climate and how it is and will continue to impact their daily lives. The stakeholders from Manyara, Shinyanga, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Kigoma and Dar es Salaam regions gave their climate change accounts ahead of the two-week UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 17) talks that start on Monday in the Indian Ocean coastal city of Durban in South Africa. The event was jointly organized by the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) and the Tanzanian Civil Society Forum on Climate Change (ForumCC) and supported by the British government.

Use Durban climate meet to get a better deal, TZ urged 
The Citizen 15th Nov 2011
Dar es Salaam. Tanzania will have a venue through which to chart out policy documents for mitigating negative effects of climate change, especially food crisis and diseases.The opportunity will be available at the forthcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), COP 17 slated for this month in Durban, South Africa. The country must be well prepared to provide inputs to the COP 17 say latest online report disseminated by Project manager of Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate Change (ForumCC) Latif Amars.
According to the report, the country is required to dialogue with powerful industrial nations such as European Union member states to tackle problems of hunger and diseases caused by climate change.“These meetings are held by the UNFCCC and are called the Conference of Parties.  The 17th meeting will be held beginning on 28th November this year,” says Amars.

Africa urged to press rich nations on climate 
By Frank Aman
The Citizen 15th Nov 2011
Dar es Salaam. African leaders should cooperate to press developed countries to commit themselves to actions that will mitigate climate change.A pact that involves the implementation of the second phase of Kyoto Agreement legally asked developed countries to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases which are caused by industrialisation, but many countries have been refusing to implement it.
Speaking at the launch of Tanzania’s segment of Trans-Caravan of Hope, the representative of the Forum on Climate Change (Forum CC) in Tanzania, Ms Rebecca Muna, said it was high time African leaders played their part in reducing the impact of climate change. The event took place in Dar es Salaam yesterday and was attended by Vice President Gharib Mohamed Bilal.

Bilal awaasa washiriki mkutano wa tabianchi
Habari Leo 15th Nov 2011 
MAKAMU wa Rais, Dk. Mohammed Gharib Bilal amewataka washiriki 500 wa Msafara wa Matumaini wanaokwenda katika Mkutano wa Dunia wa Mabadiliko ya Tabianchi nchini Afirika Kusini, kushiriki kwa vitendo kupambana na uharibifu wa mazingira. Pia aliwasihi kuwa hakuna sababu ya kulaumiana katika kukabiliana na athari za mabadiliko ya tabianchi, bali kushirikiana kuchukua hatua kukabiliana na mabadiliko hayo kama walivyofanya sasa. 
Akizungumza katika Kongamano la Msafara wa Matumaini uliowasili nchini ukiwa njiani kuelekea katika mkutano wa Mabadiliko ya Tabia nchi unaofanyika Durban Afrika Kusini mwishoni mwa mwezi huu.

Ruzuku kwenye gesi itapunguza matatizo ya mabadiliko tabianchi 
Mwananchi 16th Nov 2011
MOJA ya mikakati ya Serikali ya kupambana na tatizo la mabadiliko ya tabianchi ni kuingiza ruzuku kwenye gesi ya kupikia nyumbani ili kuwawezesha wananchi wengi kutumia bidhaa hizo.Mkurugenzi wa Mazingira, Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais, Dk Julius Ningu alibainisha hayo katika mahojiano na waandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam, jana.
“Wananchi wengi wakitumia gesi kupikia, itapunguza matumizi ya kuni na mkaa. Hii itasaidia kupunguza  uharibifu wa mazingira,” alisema Dk NinguNingu. Alisema faida nyingine ya matumizi ya gesi  ni kupunguza taabu wanazopata wanawake wengi nchini hasa wa vijijini wa kutumia muda mrefu kwenda kutafuta kuni. 
Tanzania feels heat of climate change
The Citizen 19th Nov 2011
By Lucas Liganga
Dar es Salaam. Recent extreme weather conditions, including droughts and floods in Tanzania are thought to be costing the country an equivalent of 1 to 2 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), which is equal to about half of what the government plans to spend on primary education this year.
Ignorance of climate change hurts farmers
By Hasina Mjingo
Daily News 18th Nov 2011
LACK of awareness on climate change has led hundreds of farmers, fishermen and pastoralists stranded for lack of knowledge of what to do, farmers and pastoralists at the Climate Change Hearing Two, said on Friday in Dar es Salaam.