(T) Background

Introducing Community-based Tourism

There are a growing number of initiatives to promote and support community-based tourism in both the private sector and NGO community in Tanzania. Community-based tourism, if done well, can make a substantial difference for rural development and provide strong incentives for improved natural resource management and conservation at local level.
Community-based tourism is an opportunity for private companies to develop alternative models of making profit based on ethical dealings with rural communities and their natural resources. While potentially challenging and tricky, community-based tourism ultimately can make a great deal of sense - it's good for business, good for local people, and good for the environment.
Several companies and NGOs have learnt how to work in community-based tourism through making mistakes and learning from them. This has been a long process of learning and there is a growing body of experience of how community-based tourism can be done better, what works and what does not.
Experiencing Community-based Tourism
Recent opportunities provide tourism specialists and communities to learn about Community-based Tourism and to contribute to its expansion in Tanzania:
The Round Table on Responsible Tourism, June 2010
Will provide seminars on new concepts in responsible tourism, concrete examples of responsible tourism practices and innovations from Tanzanian tourism businesses, and room for debate on an association for responsible tourism in Tanzania...
For more information: www.tnrf.org/responsible_tourism
The Community-based Tourism Info-Fair in June 2007
Provided iconcise topical seminars, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. There were summary hand-outs and additional take-away information...
For more information: www.tnrf.org/info_fair