International Women's Day - March 8th

International Women's Day - 2012

There are many activities going on in Tanzania to help mark and celebrate the 2012 International Women's Day on March 8th.  Learn more about what is going on and participate in the celebration of IWD's by going here.  Also, find out what TNRF is doing to promote gender equality and to empower women.


1. Gender and REDD+ in Tanzania

TNRF in collaboration with the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) and the Tanzania Community Forest Network (MJUMITA) have published a new report and information briefing on gender and REDD in Tanzania.  The briefing and report include information and strategies to support REDD participants in understanding and realizing gender equity and women’s empowerment in Tanzania.

Download the report here:

Download the information briefing here:


2. Wanawake na misitu Tanzania

Download the booklet here:



1. Loliondo film

Watch a short version here:


2. Community Forum film

Watch a short version here: